Do Not Go Gentle: Bonesaw

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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Bonesaw

Name: Dr. Thomas Bentley-Wilson

Date of Birth: December 11th 1901

Character Notes:[edit]

You were in the second year of medical school when you first ingested powdered bone, on a whim as much as anything else. It unlocked some latent power inside yourself, and you’ve never really looked back. Of course, your wartime employers played up your healing powers for the press, and kept your less savoury habits secret. That’s good, because it means that no-one in the press knows that you stalk, kill and eat for thrills. Prostitutes are your favourite, if only because the mix of sex and self loathing hits the right spot for you. You think you might kill yourself one day, but right now you keep yourself going by telling yourself that the good you do outweighs the bad. It works that way, right?


General Medicine +3

Orthopaedic and General Surgeon +5

Scientist and atheist +2

Blank face, dark heart. +2

Combat training, a regrettable necessity. +3

Stalker in dark streets. +3

Special Powers[edit]

Healer – Can heal wounds at a touch (removes 3D6 damage). This does not affect diseases, poisons or anything other than physical injury.

Bone Eater – By eating a mouthful of powdered bone can gain one trait of the person being eaten for an hour. Cannot use this power again till the hour is up.

Blood Drinker – By drinking a mouthful of blood can gain last 24 hours of memory from target, with main focus on experiences and emotions. This occurs in a flash of mental imagery, compressed into a few seconds.


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