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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Brotherhood / братство

Name: Vladimir Yezmir

Date of Birth: February 1st 1920

Character Notes:[edit]


Brotherhood is a farmer's son born in Poland. He was a Polish resistance fighter for much of the war, and afterwards was willingly recruited by the Communist's Winter Soldier program.

Vladimir works closely with his sister Natalya (Ghost) on almost all his missions. Despite his apparent closeness to her, it often seems as if he regards her as little more than a tool, and a means to an end.


Winter Soldier +2

Guerilla fighter +3

True Believer in Communism +3

Talented linguist +3

Abuse of trust, free of conscience +3

Special Powers[edit]

Power to the People – Can share powers between superheroes. Selects one willing superhero within line of sight, plus one other person who does not have to be a superhero. Brotherhood and the other target person both gain a "copy" of one of the original superhero's powers. Brotherhood can only maintain this on one target power at a time. If he is killed or rendered unconscious the effect ends.


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