Do Not Go Gentle: Contagion

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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Contagion

Name: Jonathon Royce

Date of Birth: January 10th 1908

Character Notes:[edit]

They call you a “deniable asset” – that basically means you work for the government, but that they pretend you don’t exist. This suits you fine – your power isn’t exactly one that would make you popular to the public, and the way they used you in war is almost in contravention of the international laws.

You’re not one to let wars and petty conscience trouble you though – you’re a patriot through and through, and always been willing to be the government’s weapon. What concerns you is more direct – it seems channelling disease is taking its toll on you, and your own immune system seems to be failing. The doctors reckon you’ve got another 5 years at best before you die or are disabled. Death has followed in your footsteps for many years now… Looks like he might catch you up sometime soon.


Military unarmed combat training. +4

Stealth and infiltration training. +3

Disguise and deception training. +3

Basic medical diagnostic training. +2

Ice-cold self-control. +4

Absence of compassion. +4

Special Powers[edit]

Bacterial Acceleration – With a glance can accelerate any bacterial infection in a target so that bacteria become twenty times as aggressive and contagious. Bacteria must be pre-existing in target though.

Withering Touch – With skin to skin contact can choose to cause flesh to rot and slough away. In close combat this does (margin of success x 3) damage.


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