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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Fabricator

Name: Rotherford Beasley

Date of Birth: August 8th 1920

Character Notes:[edit]

Fabricator was born in downtown New York to a working class family who imagined that giving him an upper class name would make their son upper class. He and his family moved to Los Angeles in 1930, seeking their fortune, but found little joy there either. In fact, both of his parents died young in a pneumonia outbreak a few years later, with Rotherford left to the care of a Catholic orphanage.

Rotherford remains a poorly educated guy, and is somewhat absent-minded as well, but he remains proud to be working class. He found he an aptitude for mechanic work, but wasn't aware that this was due to metahuman powers, rather believing that he was just "naturally gifted". However, another mechanic spotted that Rotherford was working beyond the scope of what should be conventionally possible, and he advised Rotherford to contact Enhanced Soldier Operations for testing.

Rotherford did so when he was seventeen, and was flagged as a metahuman. He was utilised to great effect during the war, both on the front line and at home, and remains a valuable asset still. If he has any flaw, it is perhaps that he has something of a chip on his shoulder, believing that "toffs who've had the world handed to them" aren't worth much, and that "most people are idiots for not understanding simple mechanics." He also misses his parents still, though you'll rarely hear him admit it, and secretly resents the social inequalities of America that led to his poverty-stricken parents receiving less than perfect healthcare. Under duress, he might admit that a little bit of socialism in America might not be a bad thing, though he's not stupid enough to speak those thoughts out loud in every day conversation.


Elbow grease and hard work. +3

The world owes me something, it's just not fair. +3

Disdain for the hoity-toity. +1

Every orphan knows how to box. +2

I know everything about cars, and mechanics, and stuff. +1

Proud to be working class. +1

Boyish good looks. +1

Smoker, drinker and hedonist. +1

Special Powers[edit]

Intuitive machinist - Without any training Fabricator instantly knows how any machine works. He can't explain it, but he can operate any machine on an intuitive level. This includes being able to drive or pilot any machine.

I can make that - Given good enough blueprints or instructions, Fabricator can make any mechanical item or machine in one tenth of the time it would take most people. He isn't an inventor though, and doesn't actually know much about mechanics - he just seems to know which bit goes where, and what shortcuts can be taken.

Me and machines get along - When Fabricator operates a machine of any sort, they seem to work more efficiently and effectively. He gains +3 to any roll to get the best out of any machine (including vehicles and weapons).


Original concept ("Mason") by Dave . Edited for use by Asklepios