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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Face

Name: Billy-Ray Diamond

Date of Birth: June 13th 1945

Character Notes:[edit]

It happened the first time when he was 15 years old. There was an older girl who just seemed to delight in teasing Billy-Ray then saying no, and suddenly something just clicked: all Billy Ray had to do was to just touch her cheek, just like that, and she couldn't keep her hands off him.

It was three years of hot women and free love before the Enhanced Soldiers Program caught up with him. They threatened to convict him of rape, having established significant evidence that he had his powers to coerce over a hundred women into bed. The alternative was to work for them.

Whereas once Billy-Ray seduced just for self gratification, now he does so because when his country tells him to. He doesn't mind too much, as his libido is such that he'll hit on any woman within twenty years of his own age, just because all sex is good sex if you close your eyes.

Its never been about the girls anyway - Billy ray loves checking himself out in the mirror, especially when he's having sex. He's slept with so many women that it’s a miracle he hasn’t picked up any diseases. For that matter, he hasn't fathered any kids either. For now he doesn't even think about this, but if he makes it to his thirties he's going to start wondering why he only "shoots blanks", and his subconscious desire to have a family will rise to the conscious...


The self confidence of vanity. +3

Pride in personal appearance. +3

Practised at sexual performance. +4

Expert at manipulating those who desire me. +5

Physical fitness - I stay in shape. +2

Not bad at the guitar. +1

A few salsa lessons. +1

A little knowledge about wine. +1

Women love a man who can cook. +1

Not a poet, but good enough to fake it. +1

Special Powers[edit]

Emotion Receptacle – Can sense the emotions of everybody within a hundred yard radius, with strong emotions registering "louder". If he concentrates, he can get a lot of nuance out of this power. He's very aware that his other power transforms a target's emotions into lust and obsession, but not love. This is enough though to justify to himself that his victims "really want it", no matter what their mental state was previously.

A Touch of Obsession – By touching a human's skin, can fill the target with feelings of lust and sexual obsession, targeted entirely on Face. This obsession is permanent, though its intensity will diminish if the target goes many weeks or months without skin to skin contact with Face.


Original concept by Dave. Edited for use by Asklepios