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Base System[edit]

• Runs off 3d6 vs. 3d6 competed rolls, adding applicable traits.

• Each point of margin of success deals 1 physical damage, or inflicts -1 condition penalty in case of non-physical superpowers.

• Non-lethal attacks (e.g. fists) are 1/3 as effective, rounded down – e.g. 4 pts of damage becomes 1 pt of damage. The same is true of condition penalty effects caused by non-superpowered attacks (e.g. mundane intimidation, etc.)

• For non-competed rolls, roll against a fixed target number. As a default, TN is 10.

• Extras “take ten” on their rolls.

Relative Power Level[edit]

These are guidelines: unique advantages and weaknesses may weigh against the absolute numbers.

• Extra: +4 in one Trait, +2 in a couple of others, no powers.

• Supporting Cast: 12-20 points of Traits.

• Protagonist/Antagonist: 15-25 pts Traits, 1-3 powers, 1 significant flaw.

• Power character: 25+ pts Traits, 1-3 BIG powers, 1 BIG flaw.

Physical Damage[edit]

Represents getting hurt – mostly an abstraction, the details come down to storytelling.

9 or less damage: Flesh wounds and bruises, likely to heal within a week. 10+ damage: Bigger wounds and breaks, likely to heal within a month. Gain 1 point of Condition Penalty each round you exert yourself with strenuous activity. 20+ damage: Major injury, likely to cause lasting disability or need extended recuperation. Gain 1 point of Condition Penalty each round unless resting and recuperating. 30+ damage: Death, or massive injury.

Plot immunity results in lesser effects being inflicted, or even treating higher levels damage as less severe injuries. 30+ damage always results in being out of action for the rest of the sequence.

The above guidelines apply only to Protagonists and Antagonists. Supporting characters can only take half as much damage (i.e. 5, 10, 15) and Extras can only take 1/5 as much damage (i.e. 2, 4, 6).

Condition Penalty[edit]

Represents performing at less than peak efficiency, whether due to pain, fear, emotional distress etc.

Each point of Condition Penalty inflicts a -1 to all your rolls. For example, if you have 10 points Condition Penalty you are at -10 to your rolls.

Powers that reduce or remove Condition Penalty do so at a TN equal to current Condition Penalty plus ten, with 1 pt removed per point of margin of success. Non superpower effects are 1/3 as effective at this, with 1 pt removed per 3 points of margin of success.

Finally, getting old inflicts a permanent Condition Penalty of -1 at the age of 30, and -1 for every 10 years thereafter. This is ignored for tasks where age doesn’t matter.


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