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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Ghost / привидение

Name: Natalya Yezmir

Date of Birth: February 2nd 1924

Character Notes:[edit]


Ghost is a farmer's daughter born in Poland. She was a Polish resistance fighter for much of the war, and afterwards followed her brother Vladimir into the Winter Soldier program. Despite her powers of mind control, she is somewhat insecure and looks to her brother for her lead in most things.


Winter Soldier +1

Guerilla fighter +1

Love for my brother +3

A face that you can't help feeling protective of +2

A pretty little thing +3

Special Powers[edit]

Projection – Can project her astral self up to three hundred and thirty three metres from her current position, taking all her senses with her. This astral self appears like a faintly glowing ghost-like figure, and can talk in a quiet whisper but otherwise not affect physical reality. The astral self can fly at 15 mph, and pass through solid obstacles.

Possession - Can take control of any other human by "entering" their body with her astral self. She must touch the target to do so, and once she has done so she is drawn into their body, taking control of them. Use of this power is compulsary on physical contact with any human while in astral form. She remains in control of them for sixty seconds, after which she is forcibly ejected, taking D6 damage. Ghost finds using this power extremely nauseating, so avoids doing so unless directly ordered.


This character based on a concept by Dagmer, edited for use by Asklepios 07:29, 29 April 2008 (PDT)