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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Godhammer / Gottanschlaghammer

Name: Jurgen Reuben

Date of Birth: July 3rd 1914

Character Notes:[edit]

Considered to be the original Ubermensche, Godhammer was also one of the Nazi Party's greatest successes. Originally a Luftwaffe pilot, Jurgen was amongst the first wave of volunteers for the Ubermensche program. Over a thousand volunteers died in the "First Wave" of experiments, but Jurgen survived, and was amongst the first of the Nazi Superheroes.

During the war, his face was found on many a propaganda poster. Conversely, his defeat in combat in 1943 was the first of many defeats for the Germans. The official story was that he was killed in a one on one duel with Alpha Soldier, but the truth (buried in classified records) is a little more complex...


I am stronger than you. +3

I am faster than you. +3

I am a better soldier than you. +3

I am a better pilot than you. +3

You will obey me, because I am better than you. +3

You’re scared of me, I can see it in your eyes. +3

I fear nothing, because I am the greatest! +3

Sieg Heil! Heil Hitler! +3

Special Powers[edit]

Forces Obey Me – Can create gross applications of telekinetic force, with limited control but massive strength. This can be applied within line of sight to any target, living or non-living, and is as strong as Godhammer himself. Can only be applied to 100kg of mass or greater, but can shift up to 1000kg at once. Mass shifted need not be continuous (for example could target a whole group of enemies, or a mass of debris) but needs to be in reasonably closed-up proximity, and must be a single "shove" in one direction.

Men Fear Me – Can create a surge of telepathically transmitted domination, which makes everyone within a hundred yards feel overwhelmed with fear, and feel an urge to drop to their knees in quaking deference and obedience. This can be resisted with an appropriate trait check, with a target number of 15.

Ubermensche – Triple margin of success on all physical-related tests, including combat.

Flight – Godhammer can fly, at a speed of 60 miles per hour with superb manoeuvrability.

Metahuman Toughness – Reduce physical damage received by 5 points.


Original concept ("Megaman") by Dave . Edited for use by Asklepios