Do Not Go Gentle: Huntsman

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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Huntsman

Name: Gregory Booker

Date of Birth: October 25th 1914

Character Notes:[edit]

You are the reaper, and you bring death from afar to those who deserve to die. The bible says Thou Shalt Not Kill. You joined the army, you signed up, you fought the Axis powers as a patriot and executed the Nazi super-men in your crosshairs. The Church says that those who murder will burn in hell. You are the perfect killer. Murder is the ultimate sin. Does that make you the perfect sinner? Your faith troubles you, but without your faith, you are nothing. Your powers make you unique, but do these powers come from God, or the devil? You are death. You are murder. Is there any hope for your soul?


Marksman without peer. +5

At home in the wilderness. +3

Tough like old leather. +3

Soldier’s Training. +3

Biblical scholar. +3

Faith in God. +2

Special Powers[edit]

Hunt the Prey – Can track down anyone, anytime. Just needs to know their name, their face or have an item they own, and can find his way to them through a combination of supernatural “scent” and reading an invisible “trail”.

Invisibility – When stationary for more than half a second, can become entirely invisible to the naked eye.


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