Do Not Go Gentle: Maggotkin

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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Maggotkin / личинкабрат

Name: ?

Date of Birth: ?

Character Notes:[edit]


Maggotkin is a Russian black-ops agent, working for the Communist's Winter Soldier program. Because of his/her protean abilities, very little is known about him/her.

It is known that his/her favoured combat technique is to "flow into" the orifices of victims, then to eat them from within.


The thing with a thousand faces +3

Winter Soldier +3

Close Quarters Fighting +3

??? +4

??? +4

Special Powers[edit]

Mass of Maggots – Is made not of a single body, but rather a flowing mass of maggots covered by an extruded layer of skin. With one hour can alter own body shape to resemble any 70-80kg solid mass, of no less than 4mm thickness, but is always made of maggots surrounded by skin. Has no eyes, or true orifices, so will not pass for human on close inspection.

Regeneration – Heals 1 Physical Damage per round.


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