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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Portal

Name: Sally Sapsford

Date of Birth: January 10th 1928

Character Notes:[edit]

Your powers manifested when you were fourteen, when you were attacked by a would be mugger. You fell through while grappling, and when you closed the portal, there was half of your attacker here, and half of him over there. That was the first and only time you ever killed, and you don’t intend to ever do that again.

The problem with being a writer (especially a slush novelist like yourself) is an overactive imagination. Maybe its just the sense of disorientation and impermanence that your power gives you, but sometimes you lose track of where you are and what’s real or not. You’re pretty sure you’re not meant to be hearing voices when you go to sleep, and sometimes you’ve woken up elsewhere to where you went to sleep. But that’s just your overactive imagination… or so you tell yourself.


A writer’s imagination. +3

I will not fight, I will not kill. +3

Appreciation of a world of poetry. +3

A talent for languages. +3

Well-travelled – been there, done that. +3

A demeanour of infectious enthusiasm. +3

Special Powers[edit]

Open Portal – Can open two portals each of up to 2 yards diameter on any solid surface, either within line of sight or to a location that she can accurately visualise mentally. Anything can pass through one portal to the other. Can only maintain portals with concentration, and only one pair at a time. Portals take ten seconds to slowly materialise, but can disappear abruptly.


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