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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Puppetmaster

Name: Charlie Raynor

Date of Birth: July 15th 1917

Character Notes:[edit]

You were born in Hertfordshire to a middle class family, attended Eton, and went on to an Oxford education. If it weren't for the war, you would have followed the family tradition up in the Civil Service, but instead you were recruited by the SOE. You spent two and a half years behind enemy lines engaging in espionage and sabotage, assisting the French Resistance. Unfortunately in 1941 you were betrayed and captured by the Nazis, and subsequently interrogated as a spy.

After over a year of internment at a POW camp, and during one of many torture sessions, you begged your interrogators to stop and to your surprise, they did. You then asked a guard to release you then hand you his weapon to you, which you then promptly turned on your captors.

Ironically, the war ended only a few days after your escape, and by the time you made it back to Allied lines, Victory in Europe had been confirmed.

Now the war is over you are no longer the carefree soul of your younger days, suffering with post traumatic stress from your torture. You have a wife (a French woman who you met in the Resistance) and still lives in Paris, but you've not yet returned to her, reasoning that you are no longer the man she fell in love with. Instead you have been travelling around Europe, hunting down and killing collaborators, suspected Nazis and war criminals, using your powers to force them to torture themselves before they are commanded to commit suicide.

In 1951, you will be "picked up" by a team from the (American) Enhanced Soldier Operations. From there, things will change for you...


Proficient in several European languages +3

You don't need to see my identification +3

Stiff upper lip +2

I'll never get caught again +4

Guerrilla warfare +3

Firearms training +2

Hatred and vengeance +3

Special Powers[edit]

Pulling the Puppet's Strings - Can take control of a target's physical actions of others with verbal commands. This is a crude and direct ability, with only short commands (a few words at most) allowed and only controlling immediate action. Metahumans can resist with an appropriate competed roll, but ordinary humans cannot resist at all. The target must be able to hear and understand the commands. Also, for the few seconds when orders are being given and control is exerted, the target stiffens physically, unable to take any physical action except that which is being ordered to do.


Original concept by Pete. Edited for use by Asklepios