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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Songbird

Name: Lucille De La Mere

Date of Birth: August 8th 1920

Character Notes:[edit]

Things ain’t easy for a woman from New Orleans, especially a mulatto Creole. It’s a white man’s world, and you’ve worked for the white man’s army for the whole war. Sure, you’re a star now, and you headline jazz gigs that should belong to more talented musicians, but when life offers you nothing but heartbreak kisses and bourbon, you end up drinking a little more bourbon than you ought to. In 1950, you’re 30 years old and still unmarried, and though you’ve got no shortage of suitors you know you’re never going to be a Suzie homemaker. Suzie homebreaker seems more likely…


Damn fine looking woman +4

That girl can sing +3

Laying on the charm +4

New Orleans storyteller +2

Game of cards, anyone? +2

Learnt to fight, though not by choice. +4

Cooks the best gumbo in town. +3

She’ll drink you under the table. +2

Special Powers[edit]

Storytime – Can influence and direct people’s minds with stories, profoundly affecting emotion, subtly planting ideas, altering perceptions to a moderate degree, or even inflicting mild mental illnesses.

Heart Stealer – Her kisses make others fall in love with her, though only for a day, after which love turns to hate.


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