Do Not Go Gentle: Stasis

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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Stasis

Name: Madison Winters

Date of Birth: December 11th 1834

Character Notes:[edit]

They noticed you in 1928. Up till that time you’d kept yourself to yourself, keeping your secret safe. But when they found you, they captured you and did tests on you. By 1939 they let you out of the lab on the condition that you’d work for them in the war effort. They worked out a way to keep track of where you were at all times, and threatened to bury you in a locked box if you didn’t play along. This isn’t any sort of life. All the people you know and loved are long dead. You’ve stopped enjoying existing some time ago. It’d be good to feel alive again, and as a close second best scenario, it’d be good to be properly dead.


I remember all that’s ever happened to me. +5

I notice every detail in the world around me. +5

I like knives because they cut things. +4

I like to hide, and to sneak. +4

Special Powers[edit]

Resurrection – If “killed”, body will disappear mysteriously. Three minutes and thirteen seconds later will turn up a short distance away, with no memory of intervening period and fully healed and healthy. Arrival will never be observed.

Not really alive – Hasn’t aged since first death, in 1849. Doesn’t and can’t breathe, eat, drink or excrete. Can’t be poisoned. When sleeps, doesn’t dream. Doesn’t actually need to sleep. Hair doesn’t grow.


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