Do Not Go Gentle: Taliesin

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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Taliesin

Name: Rhys Arthur

Date of Birth: April 28th, 1945

Character Notes:[edit]

Its all so clear – the world is a song. You’ve known this ever since your father singing on the hills, and you heard that the wind was singing along with him. As long as you can remember you’ve understood how this works, and it always amazes you that others can’t use or understand the powers you have. It also amazes you that people can’t hear the discord in reality’s song – the jarring notes out of place in the world symphony. Its enough to wake you from sleep several times a night, and to make you feel tetchy and on edge all the time. The world-song needs fixing – you’re just not sure how yet…


Music is in my blood. +6

Masters in Welsh Mythology. +4

Handsome, in an over-thin sort of way. +2

A little boxing, when I was young. +2

Quick humour and easy smiles. +4

Special Powers[edit]

Message in the Music – Can hide a message in music played which can be decoded and heard only by one person that Taliesin visualises at time of composing the tune. This message is as clear and precise as a spoken or written message but only to the target. Note that it isn't necessary for Taliesin to play the piece himself for the message to be heard.

Song of Storms – Can control the clouds and rain with music, though at no greater speed than atmospheric movement allows. Given enough time, could cover the whole of Europe in a fog, or flood the USA with rainstorms.


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