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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Tatter (formerly Flagbearer)

Name: Daniel Galway

Date of Birth: May 10th 1895

Character Notes:[edit]

As 'Flagbearer', Daniel Galway was a patriotic symbol and beloved English hero for during the Great War. With his molecular control over fibrous material, his uniform and the reinforced flagpole he carried was both protection and weapon. For months he led a highly successful Special Operations team, until a friendly fire incident left him with a spinal injury and the unit's sole survivor. ("We have to take out that base! Fire now!" "But general, Flagbearer's team are still inside!")

Galway is now paralysed from the neck down, and moves only by using his powers to animate the bandages around his body. He has refused to show for scheduled 'injured hero' press appearances and his 'disability pension' has dried up. Instead, he has made a home for himself on the streets of New York. After saving some other homeless people from corrupt police, his leadership instincts returned and he began to carve out his own kingdom amongst the city's lost people, calling himself 'Tatter'. Struggling with alcoholism and the memories of his time in the war, plus his growing distrust of authority, he has begun to make questionable decisions to protect 'his people'...


A Soldier’s Training. +2

Contempt borne of bitterness. +5

Wariness borne of cynicism. +5

Leader of men. +4

War Veteran. +4

Special Powers[edit]

Fabric Manipulation – Can reinforce cloth to act as armour or barrier, animate it with remarkable strength and dexterity and repair or modify it as needed. In game terms, has +6 of bonuses that can be set up as armour (deducts from damage), attack bonus or miscellaneous bonus.


Original Concept by Mortality, of Converted to game system by Asklepios