Do Not Go Gentle: The Texan

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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: The Texan

Name: Caleb Donahue

Date of Birth: January 1st, 1951

Character Notes:[edit]

With your face burnt with acid by an abusive stepfather at the age of 12, you were never going to be the next American hero. Instead, you picture yourself as an angel of death and chaos, and take pride in your role as the USA’s ultimate metahuman weapon. You model yourself on the cliché of the Texas cowboy, all gruff cynicisms, ten gallon hat, dusty trenchcoat and six-shooters.

The problem is that for all your heroics, you know deep down that the power that feeds you is monstrous. You dream of the Black Sun, and feel the force of untamed chaos passing through your hands every time you use your primary superpower. To deny this growing feeling of foreboding you’ve turned to self-destruction. Not straight suicide – you’d never do that – but hard liquor, copious cigar smoking, reckless living and increasingly hedonistic sex. Sooner or later though, the Black Sun is going to consume you…


Two-Pistol gunfighter. +5

Bar-room brawler. +6

Hard liquor, fast cars and hot women. +4

Self-righteous and stubborn sonovabitch. +4

Special Powers[edit]

Entropic force – Any direct attack (unarmed, melee, guns, etc.) made by the Texan causes catastrophic damage as black cracks of shadow rip the target apart. Multiply all damage inflicted by x10.

Shroud of shadow fire – Reduce all physical damage received by 10 points. Shadowy hands actually clutch at and dissipate attacks as they come towards you.


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