Docent of Amber

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Things Known and Unknown

So I, Prince Bleys, who almost conquered Amber, who was a hero at the Battle of Patternfall, who sat the Oracle of Night to be led into folly, and who has been pardoned of all crimes by the gallant hand of King Random first of his name, have come to be the Docent of Amber.

Many things amuse me and at the same time do not amuse me. Such is the stuff of Shadow.

Worlds without end. Who knew? Dworkin apparently. Swayvil too.

I am your tour guide it seems now. Ask me anything and I will tell you anything. Some of it may be true.

I created this page to be included in the pamphlet called the Diners of Amber. That pamphlet I started writing as my Article of Submission. It was meant to snark a king i had no reason to respect and no interest in serving yet whom I had no power to refuse.

Sadly, he liked the article. Figures. He and Dworkin forced me to assume this role and in time I have changed.

And it galls me. Its still early in the reign of King Random but i have come to respect him. I have come to understand Oberon's dilemma and the Unicorn's choice.

So it goes. So ask your questions here. I will leave my answers here for those who know to seek them here.