Dockside Miniscus Shrine

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A small shrine to Miniscus the Traveller, patron of merchants, sailors and orphans has stood at the edge of a small square near the original docks since the early days of the city. It is a modest wooden structure in the shape of an open-roofed porch with a wood-tiled roof painted in a dull and flaking green. Apart from the rough, greasy stone block that serves as an altar, the shrine that must have been rebuilt many times over the years. Its timbers are old, dry, cracked and the two wooden steps worn to splinters by the passage of many feet. There are always a few modest offerings at the feet of the idol, although sailors are few in the city nowadays. The joints of the crude wooden idol of the God are easily seen. It is about half life-sized and has been recently repainted in garish colours. The high-peaked green cap and manic red-and-yellow grin are plain to see; but the missing left hand, and the pair of scales or bag of coins, dice or testicles it normally holds, is missing. The characteristic tiny phallus and right palm held out for payment are both intact. Since fresh flowers are hard to come by, someone has draped a string of yellow wooden flowers around its neck, to go with the beads and ragged feathers.