Doctor GoldWing

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Dr. GoldWing

True immortality is hard to come by, Mr. Gold has come pretty close.

GoldWing is the child of a true British legend. Mr. Gold explored the far reaches of the Empire, fought those strange and colorful villains that would harm the crown and entertained world leaders, including the queen herself.

He had received several commissions from the monarchy, all for "Service to the Crown". If all that he had done was known to the public, he could not lead a normal life. His life was difficult as it was with the stories that were told about his past deeds.

However, even to the pride of Britain, time must catch-up. He was an old man of 56 when he vanished from public view. The story was that he was going on an expedition into the amazon basin, the truth was more like the stories that followed his life. In the finial meeting with his arch nemesis, Dr Brutallus, he had been poisoned. Time was running out quickly for the legend.

Using Brutallus own technology, he managed to clone himself and pass on his knowledge to the clone. He died knowing that the Gold legend would continue.

The clone was taken to Mr. Golds private secretary, ms Wing, to be raised properly, has he would have wanted. Ms Wing, when the clone had grown of age, presented the young man to the public as Mr Golds long lost son. Mr. Gold-Wing bore a striking resemblance to his legendary father, there was no disputing the young mans linage.

Dr. Gold-Wing has taken the Watchmakers advise and as started a group of superheroes to defend the Empire from those that would harm it.

Though London Watch is not the "Official British" team, they are the most popular group in England, most of the popularity is because of the publics love of GoldWing.

GoldWing has had two lives to accumulate skills. He relies on his gadgets to get him out of most jams, rare is the time that he cannot think or talk his way out of a situation.

Dr. GoldWing PL 17 (255PP)

Init +3; 30ft (Run); Defense 22/18 (8 Base, 3 Dex, 1 Dodge); BAB +8; +10 Melee (5S Punch), +11 Ranged; SV Dmg +3, Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +4; Str 14, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 20, Wis 18, Cha 18 (Total 82PP)

Skills: Balance 3/+6, Bluff 5/+15, Computers 2/+15, Craft 5/+18, Demolitions 3/+16, Diplomacy 5/+19, Disarm Device 2/+15, Drive 4/+7, Forgery 2/+15, Gather Information 4/+18, Hide 2/+5, Intimidate 5/+17, Listen 3/+9, Move Silently 2/+5, Open Lock 2/+5, Perform 5/+15, Pilot 1/+4, Read Lips 3/+16, Repair 5/+18, Search 3/+16, Sense Motive 5/+11, Spot 4/+10, Survival 3/+9, Taunt 1/+13, Swim 1/+3, Disguise 4/+14 (Total 88PP)

Feats: Dodge, Assessment, Attractive, Chock Hold, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Fame, Headquarters, Inspire, Leadership, Photographic Memory, Quick Draw, Track (Total 26PP)


  • Gadgets +15 (Source: Technology) (Cost 1 / Total 15PP)
  • Strike +3 (Source: Training) (Cost 2 / Total 6PP)
  • Super Intelligence +10 (Source: Mutation) (Cost 2 / Total 20PP)
  • Super Charisma +6 (Source: Mutation) (Cost 2 / Total 12PP)
  • Super Wisdom +2 (Source: Mutation) (Cost 3 / Total 6PP)