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Qin the Dark Slime.jpg


Rank: Seasoned
XP: 20
Wounds: 0/3
Fatigue: 0/2
Power Points: 15/15
Pace: 6
Parry: 3
Toughness: 10 (4)
Funds: $200


Agility d4
Smarts d10
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6


Athletics d4
Common Knowledge d4
Fighting d4
Gambling d4
Healing d6
Notice d8
Occult d4
Persuasion d4
Stealth d4
Spellcasting d10
Survival d8


Arcane Background (Magic)
New Powers




Boost/Lower Trait
Detect/Conceal Arcana
Mind Link


Enchanted Amulet (+4 armor)
Medic Kit (2)
Spiked Tentacle (STR+d6, Reach 1)

Special Abilities[edit]

Amorphous: Slimes have no need to breathe, are immune to poison and disease, and possess no vital organs making them invulnerable to Called Shots.

Expansive Form: Slimes are capable of stretching themselves, creating tentacles or psuedopods to interact with their surroundings. Reach 1.

Gelatinous: Due to their oozing bodies, slimes have a -1 penalty to all Agility rolls (but not linked Skills).

Incapable Combatant: Due to their indirect hunting tactics slimes are not skilled in defending themselves in direct combat. -1 Parry.

Mystically Inclined: Due to having a number of ephemeral cores of magical energy, Dark Slimes start with +5 Power Points.

Racial Enemy (Matango): Due to often sharing the same type of living environments, slimes and Matango are very often at odds and thus dislike each other immensely.

Sinks Like a Stone: Slimes are not buoyant in the least and unable to move properly in water, making them completely unable to swim.

Unimpressive: Thanks to being both semi-solid and liquid, slimes just aren't very scary. At all. -2 to all Intimidation rolls.

Wall Walker: Slimes can move across any solid surface, including inverted or vertical ones.

Weakness (Heat): Slimes have a preference for dark and damp environments, giving them a -4 penalty when dealing with heat or heat-based attacks.


Smarts d8 -> d10
Healing d4 -> d6, Spellcasting d8 -> d10


Qin is not a bad slime, just a little lazy, enjoying eating and sleeping more than anything. As a member of the Dark Slime subspecies of the slime family, they enjoy dimly lit and damp places, and their gelatinous ooze is a brilliant black the color of a starless midnight. Dark Slimes are the most intelligent and powerful of the slime species, except for a teratomorph (dimensional slime) or perhaps a fully matured King Slime.

Capable of switching between a bubbling puddle of ooze and a semi-solid humanoid form bearing no body features, they don't tend to wear clothing or armor since it'll either get absorbed into them and digested or simply slip off.

Bearing a few ephemeral cores of pure energy allowing them to utilize magic, Qin is a versatile caster but tends to shy away from spells involving light or flame. Since they are a slime, they can "see" in 360 degrees around themselves regardless of lighting conditions, can eat anything due to being naturally corrosive (and enjoys doing so), and is invulnerable to things such as poison, disease, or drugs and alcohol (they're quite fond of a enchanted long stem bone pipe they have actually).