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This is the Wiki page for the Play by Post (Meta - OOC - IC) game of Donjon run by ldd23 and starring Cerulean Lion, JohnU, and Omar.

The Setting[edit]

The setting for the game was generated via the following questions, answered by the players:

  • What is the name of the city you live in?

    Abbatar, or Abbatur. Somewhere along the line I forgot how it was first suggested and started spelling it with a U. Any preference? Or people can say it both ways..

  • What is known about the ancient ruins it was built over?

    Four layers of ruined cities, three of them inhabited by men, and one by something else. At least one of the ancient cities was smashed by the gods after the city's inhabitants offended them.

  • What ancient evil still lurks in the catacombs beneath the city?

    A lich, who is the last of the inhabitants of the first city. And the debased remnants of an ancient non-human civilization.

  • What problem is facing the city that requires adventurers to delve into the catacombs?

    It started with the ever-present problem of greed. Adventurers, it seems, can never have enough loot. A legendary hero led an archaeological expedition into the ruins and awoke something that should have remained buried. The newly awoken lich needs virgins to regain his power. Young women have been disappearing in the night recently, dragged off by bands of the undead.

  • Who has already been lost in the catacombs trying to solve the problem?

    A company of the city's army, and two powerful wizards. One of these wizards was a sick bastard with a price on his head. He may have gone into the catacombs to try and steal the lich's power instead of helping his victims. The legendary hero who caused all this mess has also not been seen since his expedition began.

The City[edit]

Abbatur is a large city built atop the layered ruins of four other ancient cities. The permanent population is mostly human, but a fair number of travelers come through, so you can see all sorts in the city. Abbatur's inhabitants have no particular prejudice against outsiders as long as they don't try to wake the ancient spirits slumbering beneath the city and as long as they have good money.


  • Weapons and Armor: 6 (Markup 3) - The standing army of Abbatur needs good equipment to fend off the horrors of the catacombs, and adventurers are always looking for stronger armaments.
  • The Temple of Omnisus: 8 (Markup 2) - The priests of Omnisus will bless your weapons against demons or the undead if you're willing to make a donation and they believe your sincerity. (You can trade in a weapon for the same weapon with a magic bonus vs. demons and/or undead, up to +2)
  • Temple of the Searing Light: 6 (Markup 4) - The Temple of the Searing Light can enchant armor with a general extra protection, or a specific protection against harmful magic. They also offer the services of their warriors as bodyguards to those they deem worthy. Guardians of the Searing Light have recently begun producing Rods of Illumination (See in the Dark Ability) to help protect the inhabitants of Abbatur against the creatures of darkness. The temple also offers healing services and aid to the needy.
  • Provisions: 7 (Markup 2) - Abbatur is a nexus of trade, and almost anything can be had.
  • Hospitality: 10 (Markup 4) - Abbatur's a large city, with much on offer. There's always lodging to be had, but a safe room is expensive.

Current Events[edit]

The party is exploring the sewers beneath a ruined section of Abbatur. They've just finished fighting some thugs they ran into. The party had a partial victory, knocking out two of the four thugs and chasing off the other two. Barathon was badly injured in the fight. Now they're going through the thugs' belongings looking for clues.

We're resolving Thelan looking out for danger while Barathon searches the unconscious thugs.


Coran Dale[edit]

Bounty Hunter (played by Omar)
Level 1, 2 xp

Vir 2
Cer 3
Dis 5
Adr 5
Whe 2
Soc 4

Move Unseen and Unheard 3
Use Two Shortswords (Slice n Dice) 3
Dodge Blows 2
Track Fugitives 3
Word on the Street 2

Flesh Wounds 2

Save vs. Illusion 3
Save vs. Poison, etc. 2

Wealth 3
Provisions 5

Paired short swords- Worth 2, DR 2
Leather armor- Worth 1, DR 1

Thelan Golden[edit]

(played by Cerulean Lion)
(Human Male)
Servant of the Brilliant Light
Level One, 2 xp

Virility 5
Cerebrality 3
Discernment 3
Adroitness 4
Werewithal 3
Sociality 3

Primary:Searing Light 3
Tough against Flesh Wounds,2
Healing Quickly from Magic, 2
(once per scene, and it won't work if you're hurt more than a Flesh Wound.)
Detect Monsters 2
Blessing of the Light 2
1):Benefice. Affects friends, giving them bonus dice.
2):Affliction. Affects foes, to weaken or hamper them.

Flesh Wounds: 3

Save vs Illusion/confusion: 3
Save vs Poison, Paralysis, and Transmogrification: 3

Provisions: 3

Wealth: 0

Possessions: Medallion of War: Needful to use the Searing Light.
.....DR, Melee 2, Ranged 2

Padded cloth tunic with kilt (armor DR 1)

Torch (Ability: See in the Dark 1)

Barathon of the Ivory Tower[edit]

(played by JohnU)
Class: Mage Level 1, 2 xp

Virility 2
Cerebrality 3 / 6
Discernment 4
Adroitness 2
Wherewithal 4
Sociality 3

Main ability:
Cast Spells 4 (magic words: flame, force, beguile, sphere)

Other abilities:
Find great loot 3
Carouse 1
Resist harmful magic 2
Lie like a bastard 3

Save vs. Poison / Paralization & Transmogrification 2
Save vs. Illusion & Confusion 2
Wealth 3
Provisions 3
Flesh Wounds 0 / 3

Equipment (3 items):
Alabaster Blade (Worth 4, DR 2) +2 to hit undead
Robes of the Magi (Worth 1, DR 1)
A mysterious letter, found on a thug
Barathon looks like this --->[1]


(played by azrianni)
Race: Blue Skyling
Level: 1, 1 xp

Virility 3
Cerebrality 3
Discernment 5
Adroitness 4
Wherewithal 3
Sociality 3

See What's True 4
Cast Moon Magic Spells 3
Provoking Insults 3
Dodge in Melee 2
Throw Moon-Blades 2

Save v. Poison 2
Save v. Illusion 1
Flesh Wounds 1 / 3

Wealth 3
Provisions 5

Magic Words: sleep, lunacy

Moon blades (throwing weapons, DR 1)
Studded leather armor (DR 2)