Dorro's Journal - Entry 1, Moonday, 17th day of Planting

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Dear brother:

I've made it to the "town" of Bludstein. Town being a very loose term indeed. It was a fairly uneventful trip to this section of the kingdom. We did see the remnants of many battles with goblins, but no action.

Once we arrived I was happy to be put to work by my employer Pekka Silvertongue. If for no other reason than to blow off some steam.

It didn't last very long, however, before myself and 4 others were recruited by one of the leaders of this place. His name was Kuno the Carpenter.

A simple job of gathering firewood and other supplies. At least that was the plan. Plans never go that easily outside of the Temple.

My fellow gatherers consisted of two halflings...a female ranger called Cora Goodcut and a warrior called Florian Shortsails. The other two people were both humans. One was a Cleric of Hieronymus called Loke Adigard and the other being was a mage. I believe his name was Val or Valiand.

Not to far into the day long trip we came across wounded soldiers and were begged by them to rescue their companions and retrieve the treasure chest they were transporting. They said that goblins had done it.

We all hate goblins, so we agreed to help. Especially after we were told we would get a reward for doing it.

A day later and we had cleared out the goblins ancient temple to an evil death god...and rescued the captain.

Before we left we had an epic battle with a hobgoblin , the only two regular goblins still alive and a white worg...that we beat handedly. 👍 Oh and we found the treasure.

Afterwards we found a door covored in evil symbols and magically sealed with a symbol of Pelor. Wonder what evil lays behind that?

We tried to get in...kinda..but didnt succeed. Instead we decided to head back to town and get our reward for rescuing the solider and the treasure....

Um...this is where things get dicey. Turns out there was no reward. Only a pat on the back and kind words.

Guess saving citizens doesn't pay. Maybe slaying monsters will?

I'll leave for now dear brother. May the moon guide your way.

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