Dorro's Journal - Entry 3, Godsday, 25th day of Planting

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Dear brother

What I thought was going to be a suicide mission turned out to be...well we couldnt find tracks when we got to the temple.

We did get to talk to a local woodsman Bernharde the Hillman who said that even he couldn't find tracks. So much for plan A.

We decided to go with plan B...the tower.

On the way we encounter a large bear...that our newest companion, an elf monk called silvermoon, helped to defeat. I hate to take the life of a creature of nature, but i also dont want to become its food. Our next encounter, before we reached the tower, was one where we found two perfectly carved statues of town guards?!?! Most of us knew these statues were not natural...and a quick check on them revealed that they had been bitten by something...and likely petrified.

Not wanting this to happen to us we left post haste.

That night we came upon the tower and decided to stake it out to see how many goblins were there.

We saw 7 and a worg.

We also saw the only way in was via a rope that they lowered from the top of the tower.

A crazy plan was hatched where i'd turn into my "were" form and Florian would pose as a goblin and ride me. We did this in order to get close to the tower and see if there was another way in.

Well this back fired and drew 4 goblins and the worg out.

They didnt last long, as we ambushed them in the forest.

During the fight i tried to shape into my "were" form only to change into the form of a giant bear!

Now im definitely not sure whats up!?!

I tell you though, this form is powerful and versatile.

We know there are at least 3 goblins left at this tower.

Ill write more after we storm the tower...i plan on using this new bear form to climb the tower.

Florian wants to come for the climb.

Its always good to bring a half crazy halfling along when slaying goblins.

Ill leave for now.

May the moon guide you and keep you safe

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