Dorro’s Journal - Entry 2, Sunday, 23rd day of Planting

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Dear brother:

Its with an unsteady hand that i write this. We have gone back to the temple, but things did not go well.

Yes we did manage to open it, but thats about all i know. A magical blast followed and when we all woke up, whatever "evil" was inside was gone. You'll know why i said "evil" in a bit. When our little group explored it, unfortunately, it turned out to be just one large room. Not the tomb i had hoped it to be.

Many dead bodies, freshly sacrificed, lay about...and many statues and carvings of evil beings...but that was all.

Nothing "good" could have come from inside this space. We were in no state to explore we rested...untill we felt refreshed enough to leave. Oh..i almost forgot...we traveled here with a more experienced group of adventurers..the band of Wine and Song....but they are all dead or missing...

It was terrible and tragic..ill only mention it once as its to much to think about right now. Once we were done resting we decided it would be a good idea to head back to town. Along the way we were ambushed by goblins. We ended up defeating the goblins handedly. Now please do not be alarmed or scared by the following ... but during the fight I transformed into a giant wolf. I believe I was bitten by something that was in the temple tomb!!!! I was able to control the transformation. I hope that the local Druid in town will be able to tell me a bit more about this.

Anyway once we got back to town we all went our separate ways but later came back together when a local Tabaxi...( cat person ) needed our help.

It turns out that the local consort of the "ruler" of this place, Tankred, wanted to "allow" us to take the place of the adventuring group Wine and Song...under the same arrangements they had. As it was a much better deal that we previously had we decided to do it. After a bit of discussion with the rest of the group it was agreed that we would once again head back to the temple. This time however we would try to catch the trail of whatever came out of the Temple and laid waste to the adventuring group formerly known as Wine and Song. I do not like our chance in this endeavor.

I hope I live to write back another time.

I'll leave you for now dear brother. May the moon guide your way.

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