Dowser of Veksvale

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Dowser was the offspring of a Dufiro of a Masoja of Water. The line was unknown to the Dufiro as the initial mating was casual. Over several thousand years the line gathered elemental energy, manifesting as a fondness for water occupations, till eventually enough energy was retained by the Child Dowser to allow his powers to rise to the level of an infant Water Elemental.


Dufiro Path[edit]

  • Elemental of Water

A product of a long line originally established by Seenasaanas, Masoja Dufirosim of Water . The creation of the bloodline was unintentional. The initial offspring did not generate an elemental form so the line continued in a human fashion.

Each generation was fond of water and often chose water-oriented professions such fisherman, sailors, divers, water farmers.

After many generations enough elemental power finally resided in a child to allow a slow and almost unnoticeable immersion into an Elemental of Water.

Early in his life he was known for small effects involving water, purification of water, and eventually identify the best locations for wells. In time the people around him began to be afraid of him and he and his father spent a couple years traveling ahead of the rumors and hiding the ability of the child. They had no idea what the source of the power was and it scared many who witnessed it. They traveled into the high east of the land toward as it turned out the greatest source of ground water in the world.

Arriving in the hamlet of Veksvale, he was recognized by the leader, Vek Hedrake, a Chaosian who recognized the elemental form growing in the child. Giving him a home, helping him understand and control his powers.

  • Spirit of Water

Vek Hendrake sought out Casoa, a Masoja Dufirosim of life, and convinced her to help the child in his development. She initiated the Ritual to raise Dowser to a Spirit of Water.

  • Avasa Dufiro of Water

Casoa helped Dowser rises to Avasa Dufirosim. He is currently a resident of Veksvale.

Masoja Dufiro of Water. Galasalic, a Masoja of Knowladge and Life, raises Dowser to Masoja after a year of the Pattern of Amber being in the Realm of Veksvale.