Dr Uziel Zilberman

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An NPC in the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse


Bio: Male human
Rank: Commander
Assignment: Chief Medical Officer, USS Eclipse NX-77001


Stress: 8 / 8
Phaser Type-2 Attack: 4 Damage Dice (Charge)
Unarmed Attack: 2 Damage Dice (Knockdown, Nonlethal)

Attributes & Disciplines[edit]

Attribute Discipline
Control 10 Command 2
Daring 8 Conn 1
Fitness 7 Security 1
Insight 10 Engineering 2
Presence 8 Science 3
Reason 11 Medicine 4


None yet


Infectious Diseases


None yet


MD-PhD physician-scientist from Haifa, Israel, Earth.

An older man, nearing retirement age.

Has spent most of his career in Earth-based research positions.

Eclipse is his first posting on a starship or as a primary care physician in over a decade.

Grumpy demeanor, even worse bedside manner than Kerani.

Gets along well with Kerani:

  • Shared distaste for starship duty, but enthusiasm for their unusual and important work assignments
  • Kerani is willing, even eager, to take the dreaded “Wellness and Recreation” portfolio of the Medical Department off his hands

Rationale for Eclipse posting is that an Intelligence ship’s mission is to provide advance warning of major threats to the Federation. Alien micro-organisms have the potential to be extinction-level threats to Federation member species.