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Khitus is a world in decline. New heroes must emerge to challenge the wicked before all is lost…

This is a resource page for the Dragon Kings Project, collecting official and unofficial information regarding the world of Khitus, a fantasy game world conceived and presented in fiction, art, and music simultaneously by Timothy Brown. Khitus is the spiritual successor to the Dark Sun Setting.

Official Information[edit]

Dragon Kings Official Homepage

Dragon Kings Project @ Kickstarter | Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus


World Book - Systemless - Now available in PDF. Print TBA.

  • Savage Worlds Rules Supplement. TBA
  • Pathfinder Rules Supplement. TBA.
  • 13th Age Rules Supplement. TBA.
  • Game Screen with New Dune Marauders Adventure. TBA.
  • Gazetteer. TBA.
  • Concept Album. CD and Digital. TBA.
  • Poster Map. TBA.
  • Cover Poster. TBA.
  • Dice Set. TBA.

Fan Resources[edit]

Teleris - A more detailed look at the City of Fools and Sages

The College of Quietus - Sorcerers who maintain networks of obligation to redirect sorcery's wrath