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Adrian's Dramaturgy

Adrian's Dramaturgy is a massive collection of amphitheaters in a vastly long valley between the Vale of Plenty and the Vale of Song. Its complex of production areas, training and practice rooms, stages, stadiums and apartment buildings are a center of entertainment like few in shadow.

Many gateways and shadowtrails lead here. People who arrive by one of a thousand different ways other than walking out of the Vale of Plenty or the Vale of Song, can not leave the region of the Dramatugy.

  • This is a showcase zone like no where else in shadow. A thousand shadows send their best performers here to display their skills. Many of the performers never leave. They live in the Ring of Life and work in the Dramaturgy. Many live here, and living here, as in Amber, they become young and long-lived, if not immortal.

Cabri Carts[edit]

The Cabri Carts are the best snack carts to be found anywhere, with a vast profusion of finger foods and drinks. Each is staffed with a stand-up comedian or improvisational actor auditioning for parts in the established theaters. Auditions might take years as they dispense portable potables. The results are outrageous, profane, bizarre, often morbid, and hilariously funny.

Stage Theaters-Various Formats[edit]

The Resheika Theater[edit]

The Resheika Theater presents only works by Shakespeare, Alvian, Dresir, Mondolian, Shaw, Arthur Miller and the famed, and well-respected dramatist, Bleys of Amber. The Resheika Troop does only the highest of class productions.

Theaters-Mixed Genres[edit]

The Bijou Multiplex[edit]

The Bijou Multiplex is a massive movie theater with 10,000 screens. Rooms hold 12 to 12000 seats. The IMAX and ALLMAX halls seat up to 20k. The holoform rooms seat as few as 2 or as many as 30. Show times are set ahead of time.

The Bellevue[edit]

The Bellevue Multiplex is next to the Bijou. It has 5000 small theatres that can be reserved for private shows. Then the renter may either provide their own piece, or pick from the unlimited collection owned by the Bellevue itself.

The Majestic[edit]

  • This is a single screen Venue showing "Classic" films. Since it shows one movie at a time it tends to invite aficionados of them who enjoy sharing the experience of viewing the films together.


Speaking of Holographs. Many of these venues kype holographs of performances out of shadow. Takes some of the juice out of seeing things live but it is probably a heck ofa lot easier that way.

Club-Various Formats[edit]

Shiki Lee[edit]

  • Shiki Lee's is a jazz/swing dance club that can't be beat. Great tunes, great beat and lots of movement, cold drinks and willing women. Adrian, you lucky dog.

Hop Shop[edit]

The Hop Shop is a comedy shop where the Cabri come for open mic nights and you are very likely to see famous celebrities from the length and breadth of shadow plying their trade. One might catch Robin William, George Carlin and Droppa Ma Pantz doing a three-man show. Spectacular.

Miko's Bashary[edit]

The other end of the scale is Miko's Bashery. This place caters to, aaa..low brow humor, shall we say? Here you will find people destroying a wide variety of things; not for the weak of heart. The only rule is that you can not kill it specifically for the show. However, you can kill it, even sacrifice it, if you plan to eat it afterwards. Oh, and no sentient victims.

Concert Halls and Venues[edit]

The Forum of Gold. This massive concert hall features mainly loud techno music of the sort earth-folks term Metal or hard rock. The big bands and the big shows from a thousand different techno shadows either come here or have their shows holographically presented here.

Kanil Dri's[edit]

Kanil Dri's is a concert hall for orchestra and opera. Never a dull moment, never a note off key, never a warbling soprano unless the libretto calls for it.


Lolla Palaze[edit]

This pace is a holographic theater allowing a group experience to a 360° viewing experience.