Drenor Kael

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Drenorkael.jpg Quote: "I'm not a Jedi yet, but some day I will be."
Drenor Kael
Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 19 Homeworld: Nimia Force Rating: 1
Career: Mystic Specializations: Seer, Ataru Striker
Motivation: Ambition (Become a Jedi) Morality: 50 (Enthusiasm/Recklessness)
Brawn: 2 Agility: 3 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 3 Willpower: 3 Presence: 3
Derived Attributes
Defense: 0M/0R Soak: 3 Wounds: 0/12 Strain: 0/14 Encumbrance: 4/7
General Skills
(c) Athletics (Br): 1 (1P 1A -1S)
(c) Charm (Pr): 1 (1P 2A)
(c) Coercion (Will): 0 (3A)
(c) Coordination (Ag): 1 (1P 2A -1S)
(c) Discipline (Will): 1 (1P 2A)
(c) Perception (Cun): 1 (1P 2A)
(c) Survival (Cun): 1 (1P 2A)
(c) Vigilance (Will): 1 (1P 2A 1B)
Cool (Pr): 1 (1P 2A)
Resilience (Br): 1 (1P 1A)
Combat Skills
(c) Lightsaber (Ag): 1 (1P 2A)
Knowledge Skills
(c) Lore (Int): 1 (1P 1A)
(c) Outer Rim (Int): 0 (2A)
Seer Talents
Uncanny Reactions (1) Passive
Grit (1) Passive
Ataru Striker Talents
Conditioned (1) Passive
Dodge (1) Active (Incidental, Out of Turn)
Parry (1) Active (Incidental, Out of Turn)
Jump Up Active (Incidental)
Ataru Technique Passive
Reflect (1) Active (Incidental, Out of Turn)
Quick Draw Active (Incidental)
Force Powers
Sense: Basic Power, Control Upgrade (can anticipate attacks and avoid incoming blows), Duration Upgrade, Strength Upgrade
Comlink (Handheld), Heavy Clothing (Soak 1, Encumbrance 1), Money (1d100 Credits), Scanner Goggles, Stimpacks (3), Thermal Cloak (Encumbrance 2)
Drenor's Lightsaber (Damage 6, Crit 2, Encumbrance 1, Hard Points 5, Qualities [Breach 1, Sunder], Attachments [Ilum Crystal])