Drugged up shadowwalk

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Michael James Watson
It is still darkest night when she decides to lay down the palm trees should be shady in the morning.
Waking, Alvah sees Lacy is still wiped out but coughing, maybe waking. It is dark out still. She feels rested, but it would have to have been a very short nap or a very long one.

Amber Bronkhorst
Laying Lacy carefully a bit to the side so she can stand up. Alvah looks around trying to figure out where they are. She must have walked alot. Looking now better at her clothing she sighs... or they might have shadowwalked. Shadowdanced.
Alvah chuckles softly shadow dancing. Heh.
As its still dark she tries tk raise her sigil see if she can sense where they are in shadow. She might not be as experienced but she has felt some shadows. And orienting to Vulsara was easier with knowing that she should look for their pattern.

Michael James Watson
Whatever could have been in the jungle juice?
Looking at the stars she thinks they are differant then before. Might be a differance of hours but there is a difference

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sits down again next to Lacy she decides to wait for a bit she can best just rest further till it is lighter. That way orienting herself would be easier..

Michael James Watson
A couple hours pass, and she thinks that this planet may not have a lighter.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sighs she checks on Lacy seeing if she is doing okey enough.
If her vitals are okey, Alvah then stands and checks what she has with her. Checking if she has a lighter to create a small flame to see a bit more of her surroundings. She doesn't feel like trying to use her sorcery now.

Michael James Watson
She finds a lighter, though she doesn't remember acquiring it. She considers her fire elemental.

Amber Bronkhorst
"Ofcourse " she mutters softly she holds out her hand and thinks of her fire elemental friend. Asking if it wants to light the area for them.

Michael James Watson
It comes flickering about, growing to the size of a torch.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles whispering
"Thank you. Now lets look around."
Alvah takes a few steps out andooks about the area looking back where she left Lacy to make sure to keep an eye on her. Hoping to get some recognition points

Michael James Watson
She sees nothing familiar including plants. the question isn't if she shadowwalked but how far she went

Amber Bronkhorst
Slightly worried she looks around further but not leaving Lacy out of her sight she does not want that she would get stranded in such a place, or at all for that matter.
Alvah is worried that Lacy had not yet woken up. But then again she was really tired and Lacy might need more rest then herself.
When standing a bit away but still in sight, Alvah just closes her eyes and thinks for a moment, she smells the air. Feels the humidty. Like Bleys had said was important to differentiate shadows.
She feels the temperature, the ground under her feet.
Still with her flamey friend nearby she opens her eyes looks about.
She then raises her sigil of the pattern. Maybe if she looks through that she knows where she is. If she knows where she is she might be able to walk back again.
She feels a bit silly to trump someone right away to save her ass. again.and how else would she learn. How else would others see her as an adult.
She repeats in her head.
"Just remain calm Alvah, you can do this."

Michael James Watson
Looking over her clothes she realizes she is wearing nothing she had ever seen before. her weapons, trumps, everything is missing. Cicero seems to be the only constant.
Then she notices the moon. It looks broken, with pieces floating near it. It looks like this is how the moon looks here.. nothing catastrophic is happening.
Though, the moon has a odd color. As she thinks about it, so does the sky. As she watched it lightened a bit but then darkened. A fast rotation of day and night with no sun rise.
Lacy moans, looks up, "Wow.....That juice must have been strong....It almost looks like the moon is broken....hehehe... one of the best juice jams I ever saw... Did we lose Daphny and Erie and Calik? What time is it?"
She stands, looks at her self, then walks toward the water. Taking her clothes off, she walks into the water, clearly pees, walks out, gets dressed.
"So sometime in the Juice Jam, we changed clothes? Did we boink? I don't feel boinked... Wierdest Juice hangover i ever had.. the moon still looks broken.. It didn't break last night did it? nah.. just my juice still going.. How are you?"
Raising the sigil she senses some magical sources near by, but nothing familar.

Amber Bronkhorst
Looking through the sigil she tries to see which magical source would be closest by, jsut to get a sense of direction.
Then looking at Lacy waking up she lowers the sigil. Thinking for a while how to spin this.
Shaking her head she turns on a smile
"you must be still out of it, i think so am i. But we should try and head back a bit we walked quite a bit. "
She moves closer to Lacy letting the elemental torch light follow to light her doings a bit
"oh yeah they didn't keep up with us, and noooo we did not boink, and who calls it that?"
Alvah looks around again, trying to pinpoint a direction
"no we just need to head back sit the trip out safely and get some decent rest instead of here. "

Michael James Watson
Feeling one of the magical sources very nearby she looks over a sand dune past a hedge of pushes. She sees an odd looking motorcycle, on its side.
Immediately she senses its Corwin's bike she had road with Vance though it looks like an old classic then then sleek road machine she used. AS she thinks of it the bike shifts shape to the road machine she remembers.. She also thinks she and lacy may have ridden it for a fairs long ride...

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah kneels down next to the bike realising what she might have done
"fuck... but with you here." she dusts the bike off, not that it needs it probably but it is the idea
"Traveling might happen a bit faster. "
She turns back and calls to Lacy
"found the bike we came with! at least we do not have to walk."
Now curious what the other magical sources are she searches for where the rest are. If they are close by she walks if they are a bit further she waits for Lacy and takes the bike to seek those out. Silently hoping there might be trumps between them

Michael James Watson
She realizes the magic sources she feels beyond the bike are much further off, and possible a shasow away.. Best not leave Lacy behind. It occurs to her if her gear might be spread out across shadow, the group of kids the went to the Juice Jam with might be spread out across shadow as well...
Lacy looks at the bike.."Wow... awesome design. Wheel Down., Seat up, A top rider.. don't see those often. Mostly in museums.. I don't remember riding that at all!"

Amber Bronkhorst
standing near the bike she waits for Lacy to reach her.
A slight panic starts to form as she doesn't remember everything about the night. A hopeful thought in her mind comes that this might all just be a sick joke.
Yeah that must be it. This is all just one big nightmare or bad trip.
When Lacy is near her she steps on the bike
"we need to find the rest. Make sure they are not lost"
Alvah thinks hard just hoping she left some of her gear with those people stranded in shadow.
You know in the off chance that it is not all an eleborate and cruel prank.
The magical source in the shadow closest by she tries to pin point. Getting a sense of direction so she can move there with Lacy.
She helps Lacy on the bike
Yeah it is an awesome bike, got it on loan. Don't remember riding it either. Hold on tight. "

Michael James Watson
"You know till now the wildest thing we did on a juice jam was invite the club back to Calik's place. Wow, was his dad pissed. He's the Chancellor of Tentar Province and their estate is huge. The crowd raided his bar, drank a lot of rare wines, used the pool, changed all the passwords on his com data, and passed out all over the place.. I thought he would shave Calik allive. He was most angry that someone drank a few rare wines mixed with bubble juice...Of course finding several devotchka's in his bed made up for it..."
She wraps her arms and holds on tight
"And before you ask, NO, i was not one of the Devotchkas. I don't go in for the grizzlies.. And I am MUCH older then they were.. Calik doesn't invite people over anymore for anything. pity. Nice pool."
As she starts shifting toward the nearest magical source she finds a dirt road leading inland, and in a few shifts sees her NP blade in the middle of the road. A thought calls it to hand.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chukcles
"i wouldn't dare suggest you were one of the Devotchkas. So how much older are you then? Your appearance would suggest you are, 20 or so. "
Having her NP blade again she smiles
"Alright one down. Lets see where the rest is."
Having stopped on the bike she then raises her sigil again as she doesn't dare to drive and scry at the same time.
Searching for another magical source. And perhaps people that aren't suppose to be in these shadows.
Before she starts shifting again to the next magical source she does look around drive a bit to make sure none of the partygoers might have been stranded here as well.

Michael James Watson
"Oh, im 20 sols. Mr Casaril liked them in the 14,15 range.. I don't go for the grizzlies, or the danglers.. But.. im openminded otherwise.. ah.. i was thinking... you're a wizard.. With Mr. Xedra... like, an apprentice.. does that mean... ah Star Fleet? all that many worlds stuff the teachers whine about.. and the holovids have so much...?"
She doesn't find anything immediately but riding on a bit feels a stronger presence. Coming around a curve she finds a scene.
She sees a group of about 9 people, mostly men, clearly a biker gang. They have Calik hanging naked from a tree, feet bound and tied to the tree, swinging. They are taking turns punching him like a speed bag. Laughing, drinking..
Another group further away is clearly beating two others almost casually. That group looks about 10 or so.
One guy in the piñata group is wearing a magical coat. She feels its hers.
Lacy, predictably, starts screaming

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah snarls seeing the scene before her she stops the bike steps off
"Lacy wait here."
She starts to move slowly and almost whisperd
"I know you are young but i could really use some backup."
Taking her knife out she holds it firm staring at the first group.
She speaks a power word pain attack to the one wearing her coat. While she does she points
"You! Let them go!"
Whispering she hopes her elemental friends are willing to help.
"Fire can you burn the rope or branch so the one hanging is free? Air please catch him so he doesn't break his neck. Push him towards the bike.
She tries to deduct who might be the leader or alpha... when she has an idea or guess, she picks that one water, create water... in their throat make them choke.
All the while she slowly moves to the group.
She then continues
"Earth can you if they move towards me slow them down? Make the ground less steady."
Alvah pumps herself up getting angry ready to cut some people.

Michael James Watson
The pain attack causes the leader, in the coat, to fall to the ground writhing. THe others are startled, drawiung knives and pistols looking toward Alvah.
THe fire elemental burns the rope instantly and guides the body to the ground. The water fills the throat of the biggest guy in the hanging group/
Her warfare suggests that these are not reasonable people and they will start shooting soon. Hit hard and fast.
The earth elemental pops up as a big rock, the size of a basketball, whipping around at high speed, bouncing off heads in the hanging group. Alvah thiks she can tell it who to hit.
The air elemental takes the to throwing ones in the air from the beating rape group

Amber Bronkhorst
Seeing this confidence slowly rises not to much, hubris before the fall and all, her pace quickens and she starts to move fast and light to the group.
With her knife in hand she shifts it in a rapier. The shape she is trained with.
Thank you for that dad.
Keeping her mind focused on battle and letting now her instincts based on her warfare lead she directs the force of her elemental friends tot he ones with guns pointed at her.
Letting them know those need to go and fast.
She then yells again her powerword pain to the next she sees as a threat.
When she reaches the people she does not spare them or give them a chance she will hit to kill. Quick bloody strikes. Using her skills as dancer to stay moving and out of the way of hits and knifes.
Her fighting style has always been more combined with her dances and having strong legs she will not hesitate to strangle a person with her legs wrapped around their necks.
Pokimg out eyes and yes she will bite extremities if needed.
Making it an aggressive bloody ballet while instructing her elemental friends to watch her back and protect the 3 victims.

Michael James Watson
One of the girls in the gang runs, fleeing, past Lacy, who punches her as she goes by. picking up her pistol she aims at beating group as they start toward Alvah, missing terribly, but distracting them. All along, screaming.
The fight at the tree is quick. The second one hit by pain falls. THe flying rock hits hands with guns. Fire moves in front of the beating group and explodes like a skyburst firework, causing a lof of them the drop to the ground.
The rapier work is quick and efficient. She thinks if they had more warning they might have put up a better defense. The group falls to her attacks quickly. one gets an attack with his bowie knife that slices her her arm a little but flies from his hand as her hit skewers him. She grabs the knife in mid-air, turning to the beating group, Rapier in one hand, knife in the other.
Her warfare tells her the beating group will get a few shots of after the distraction, but there are 8 of them coming at her, while two flee past lacy.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah snaps her attention to the two fleeing past Lacy. She snarls and asks the earth elemental to stop them. Break legs.
Asking the air elemental if it can carry the 3 young peoplr towards Lacy, like it carried Lacy that night dancing. She just wants them out of danger.
She looks at the ones coming to her those who have the guns. One of them gets a power word pain against them that would be one shot less.
Asking the water and fire to again distract as best they can for the remaining standing.
She then braces herself for pain.
But if she can work through hours of dancing on her toes and hanging an entire night on ropes she can take a few hits. She hopes that the bloody fury coming their way distracts them enough from aiming well.
She keeps the other elementals close instructing as she sees fit. Trusting her instincts on warfare and survival as she always done as a child being a ferocious little fury.

Michael James Watson
The earth elementals rushes to bash into the running two.. The air elemental grabs the three and moves off tossing them around in the air like it was dancing them like it danced Alvah. They moan and freak out.
The power word drops one to the ground screaming. Coming from a world of no magic seeing earth and fire elementals is pretty freaky, even for tough guys. The fire elemental explodes in a huge firework right in the middle of them and the water element soups the ground so they slip.. Still, 3 have enough together to fire.
One, an expert, dings her in the shoulder. The other two miss wildly. All three rapid fire with only one score.
The others break morale and turn to flee.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah trusting the elementals fully now knowing they listen to her and fill in the tasks the best way for them. She just gives them more open requests.
Hearing the freaking she chuckles and asks if the air elemental could perhaps bring them back a bit less playfull. She promises they will dance together when safe again.
Then her full focus goes to the 3 that are still standing after the shot in her shoulder she snarls. Slowly turning to the one that hit her she leans forwards a wide toothy grin appearing on her face.
The pain in her shoulder only feeding her anger towards these people she just charges. She takes long steps side to side to be a more difficult target. When almost within range Alvah drops to the ground legs extended towards the people she aims to slide along between them. HOlding her knife up at the last point she just slashes in the groin or thigh of the one that hit her aiming for a main artery.
When behind them she quickly attacks one of the others. PLunging knife and rapier into their torso to then finish the last one.

Michael James Watson
Lacy runs to her friends and the air elemental leaves them in her care
the last trio go down as the rest try fleeing to have a rock play billiards among them. a few get over the rise and away.
Scratching, she thinks a few knives may have landed minor cuts and the bullet wound doesn't seem disabling, just painful.
Lacy waves, " Are you alright? "
There are four down with pan hits that are not actually wounded..

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah waits for a few seconds before answering Lacy she stands up a bit more straight. Less like a wild animal. She then slowly turns waves back "yes yes, i'm fine! Stay there with the bike."
Looking at the group she first goes to the leader. Since he has her jacket and it is her jacket. She takes it back and puts it on. Checking if the leader is still alive if so she quickly plunges her knife in his chest.
Not leaving survivors at this point. So she does with the rest of the people. She does check their pockets if they have anything else with them.
When all are done and she has a sense they are safe. Alvah raises the sigil. just to check if anything else important might be around.

Michael James Watson
She finds the leader hadn't figured out how to get in the hidden holding spaces. She finds her trump quickly.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at her trumps. She flicks through them not knowing who to contact.
She doesn't dare Arlo, she actually feels ashamed how she behaved to him and then got actually into trouble.
But noone else is on Randal that she knows.
She thinks of a location she could send them to so they get home.
Alvah feels the need to be on her own for a bit but she can't leave these people behind.
She walks back to the group with her trump cards she nods
"alright how are the three doing? need immediate attention?"
Figuring first knowing the urgency would help her make a decision.
Alvah looks them over she then nods takes the trump of Vek. He was going to be in Randal anyway.
Before attempting contact she turns to Lacy.
"Going to arrange a quick way back."
She then tries to contact Vek.

Michael James Watson
Vek opens the contact, a large 2 liter glass in his hand. Seeing the back ground he is in a club by a piano. "Ah! Its the infamous Red Shadow! The notorious kidnapper! I can't tell you how many police agencies are awaiting your call to hear your demands and the lucky person you call is me!"
"Good thing you called me, Red Shadow. They already have your accomplice in jail."

Amber Bronkhorst
Slightly confused she looks at Vek.
"What? What the fuck are you talking about? Accomplice? You mean Arlo? "
Being hurt, covered in blood and a bit tired from the fight she starts to get a little anxious that she might jave been gone for longer then she thought.

Michael James Watson
"Don't worry, The Gray Ghost has been in tougher prisons then Tentar Regional Confinement. I do hope they don't try to shank him or gang up on him in the showers.. Could get messy. " He drinks half the glass, looks to the crowd, "Don't go away folks, I just have to take a bathroom break to visit the room with the three shells. Good time to order drinks. Try the pizza rolls! Tip your waitresses and don't forget to put a big bill in Wanta's jar at the bar. Shes working hard tonight."
Moments later he is in a hallway. "Ok, I assume you have a good reason to be traveling with the governor's son, his son's girlfriend, and the daughter of Rigel Avionics' CFO... They have been missing a week and you were recorded leaving the Trio's viewing lounge with them...How can I help?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks blankly at Vek.
"A week? Shit.... i... i don't know what happened. We were dancing drinking just having fun and i woke up in a fucked up shadow not remembering a thing with Lacy had to trace my things back in shadow. And there i found the others. Who were being beaten up by a gang so... that gang didn't survive.... "
Alvah groans
"Can you take the kids through? Three of them might need some medical attention. And they can testify i didn't take them and that Arlo had nothing to do with this."
She shakes her head
"I thought Amberites could barely get drugged or drunk. But if you take them i'm sure they let Arlo go."

Michael James Watson
"It takes doing.. Better idea. Let me pull you all through upstairs. I have medical supplies and can look them over magically. Can fix your story with them too. Ok.. Im in the suite. Come through."

Amber Bronkhorst
She looks at her loan bike and shrugs
"Hope you got space i have my bike here. "
She then takes the wounded ones up first and hands them over to Vek one by one and leading Lacy through after that. As last she follws herself makimg sure her elemental friends are with her.

Michael James Watson
He moves the injured freaked out kids. Sees LAcy and nods as Alvah rolls the bike in. Vek casually levitates the bike over to a display space.." Hmmm Curious.. That bike is a twin to Gerard's bike. Its on planet too up in Tentar at Vander and Carissa's place.. YEs, yes.. hello... you are a very tough pretty bike.. relax... "
He levitates the three into bed in what is clearly a medical room. Looking over readings, "Nothing dangerous.. scratches... hmmm. None of the assailants survived? Good. Saves us the trouble of hunting them down. Can't have some shadow thug talking about how he kicked an Amberite's ass and took their
women...Now...What would you like? Heal the wounds? Wipe their memories? Install new ones?"
LAcy says, "You're Vek Hendrake, .of the Hendrake Trio. Aren't you?".
He looks to Alvah, shrugs, "I put out some records. Differant genres.. Ah.. Look at that.." he points to the medical readout. "Calodendric psilocybin. The good stuff. Did you have some kind of drink that tasted like mango, or peach, or vasquine, or plum, non-carbonated and only mildly alcoholic?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the bike
"Oh yeah i have that one on loan itbis Corwins. Vance said it was okey."
Alvah then follows the three and looks at them worried.
"Well some survived, they fled after i had gutted most of them. So noone kicked my ass, but then again i had help."
A moment she is silent tk think.
"Maybe alter it a bit, they were drunk drugged, maybe they did get taken. Fought them off or escaped and found their way back. "
She crosses her arms over her chest
"Then that they are wounded isn't weird right? The best lie is always closest to the truth."
She nods
"Yeah some fruity drink. Tasted okey bit to sweet but drank away qyick."

Michael James Watson
Vek nods, "Ok. How about I erase memories for say 5 days, and then stick them in a flop house i know in Tentar. Squatter rack. Give them enough residual CDR to keep them looping for a few days. Then i'll push a native of the place to 'FIND' them.. All they will remember is leaving a rave drunk..From what the halos say, its not unsuspected or unusual behavior for them. But the Governor threw you and Arlo under the speeder. Arrested Arlo. He made it look good.. Laughing.. yelling that they don't have a jail that can hold him... that the Red Shadow would break him out and they would ....anyway. Hes got lawyers and the Race Commission is howling about arresting one of their board members. I think Arlo is having fun with it. Makes a nice reputation if you start racing.. Alec isn't amused but she's a Dreana so.. no sense of humor.
What about her? I'm not wild about just zorching someone who's awake unless I have to."

Amber Bronkhorst
Hearing of Arlo his theatrics she can't help but chuckle.
"Soooo is he expecting me to break him out?.."
Shaking her head, then turning to the three on the bed she nods
"Sounds good. And if the CPR levels are raised anyway. Maybe better to do it with all of them. They left together and stayed together. Found a spot to ride out and like you said be found. For now sedative?"
"And where do i fit in the story? Should i just stay away? Cause am i not going to be suspected when turning up anyway? Not that i mind really just whatbwould work best in this situation?"

Michael James Watson
Lacy looks wide eyed. "HEY!!! I can keep my mouth shut! No need to lobotomize me! I can be helpful! I know all the swings! All the angles! My dad is connected all over the planet. He does business with Star Fleet!! He keeps pushing me to apply! Please don't kill me!!!"
Vek raises his hand, a wave of calming psyche rushing over her. "Calm.. no on is going to hurt you... Though... You ask where you fit in, Alvah? Well, i can put rudimentary memories in them but it might be useful to have a willing accomplice. Say she takes the blame for getting them all hopped up. Girl, Where did you get Calodendric psilocybin? Its not native. ITs an import. "
"I don't know.. We were drinking Jungle Juice.. in a number of places.. Must have been in one of them.."
"Let this one be your alibi. You push how you were just hanging out with them, which I guess was the truth. And along the way one of the clubs spiked their jungle juice with Calodendric psilocybin. ITs not an illegal substance. Just over kill for the natives.. " He looks at the medical bay readout..
He sits and starts pulling up records, examing them...
"Curious..." He walks over to Lacy and scans her..." And curiouser....ok, Alvah...Change of plans. This one will alibi you. Get you and Arlo cleared. Have you met Celakat? Star Fleet Magical? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Lacy and shakes her head
"You are right. Its just been a lomg day well week."
Seeing Vek busy she chuckles in a higher pitched girly voice quoting alice in wonderland
"Curiouser and curiouser. Though i feel more like american mcgees alice. Should clean myself up soon. "
She then steps close to Vek.
"Yeah ofcourse i know Celakat why? What did you find?"

Michael James Watson
"I need to talk to her.. Look at this" He points to the medical display.
"Randal is in the Vulsar universe. That means to some degree the history of much of this universe became stagnant when an Amberite, in this case two, drug it into Amber's sway These are medical records from two thousand years ago. Look--Bone density. Muscle strength. Oxygen efficiency. Endurance... Now look at these/ A thousand years ago. 500 years.. 100 years.. Randal's history is around 2000 years.. Carissa was the first Amberite to come here, followed by a flow of us.. We have all been here about 40 years.. And look..the Bone density, Muscle strength, Oxygen efficiency Endurance have all improved over the thousands of years.. But Randal.. And I bet Vulsar.. the natives have all improved.. Its why its so hard to get these people drunk compared to elsewhere.. They are nearly equal with general chaosians standards for strength and endurance.. This girl, the latest generation of Randals, is just a touch tougher then the average chaosian native.. (Chaos Ranked Endurance and strength). 3000 years of Amberites in this universe..and i keep hearing how nearly every race is living longer... "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"So we also reflect on the people and the new generations that are in these places. Nof strange somewhere... "
She then shrugs
"Well i am sure Celakat is on Vulsar base she usually is there. Need me to do anythjng in the meantime you talk to her? Or is it a longer term plan?"

Michael James Watson
"A little hypnosis should do the trick. Then we drop all of you off in the squat., You all wake up and call the authorities. I'm sure it will all work out. You won't have to do much jail time"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks
"Uhm okey. So we go with the first plan. We all got drugged on spiked drinks and ended up there.
Can i at least know what is so curious to talk with Celakat about. And can i wash up at least so it doesn't look like i slaughtered a whole club..."

Michael James Watson
He looks, "Ya, maybe you shouldn't be in the squat. You have a bullet wound.. Tell you what. You go get cleaned up and I'll talk to your pretty girl here and then take them all up to Tentar and handle the rest. Just easier then involving an Amberite in an already complicated local mess. "
"What i found curious is that Arlo, Me, Vance, Agrom, Benedict, Carissa, and Vander have been making this shadow our homes for 40 years, enjoying the advantagous time ratios to the rest of the universe and none of us noticed that we were improving the natives.. And...unless i miss my guess, i think the thing that effects Aging in Amber, Thelusia, Diaga, and a half dozen other worlds with ancient degrees of Amberite blood in them, including Mandalay sway worlds, and some near chaos, is happening in Vulsara. I mean Vance stole a Pattern from the Abyss and put it here. It makes sense but if one of them, had noticed i think they would have told the rest of us.. anyway.. you know where the showers are"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at her shoulder...
"Oh right I got shot. Pretty okey score only one bulletwound."
Listenjng to the aging thing she nods
"Do not know the exact details of it but it does sound logical with a pattern here that the aging like that would be affected as well. "
Turning she holds up her thumb as she walks off.
"Yessss showers. Lacy good luck. You are awesome and can do this."
Alvah then continues to the bathroom muttering about freaking biker gangs, bloody messes and being shot.
Leaving the kids and Vek there.

Michael James Watson
She hears Vek says, "Come in to my parlor, little fly".....

Amber Bronkhorst
While walking to the shower she strips off her clothing dropping it as she goes. Replicating new clothing when she is done cleaning up. She only keeps her boots and jacket safe.
Showering she tries to see if she needs to do anything with the bulletwound but if there is nothing left inside she leaves it be for now.
Just happy to be clean again. She doesn't mind blood, she doesn't get grossed out by it, but it just gets so damn sticky and stinky after a bit.
Her plan is to shower get dressed and look how Vek is doing with the 4 drugged up younger people.