Duncan Mason

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A character in the Torchwood : One of Many, Many of One PBP game.


"It all started for me in the darkness of a cell, tiny and freezing cold a metal floor no bed no blanket and no guards. It was no ordinary police cell and to be honest I had no idea why I was there.

After a few days of nothing they open the door and this bird walks in right hard nut she was no messing about no rights read no lawyers nothing but she lays it all out, I was found floating face down in the Thames a week after something she called the battle of Canary wharf in "anaphylactic shock", whatever the hell that is?, in possession of artifacts of a “sensitive nature pertaining to national security”.

I’m clueless no idea what she’s talking about. Sure I’m no angle been a round done some time before and taken some good scores clean in my time but this I have no idea and she’s talking serious no trial no Jury no slap on the wrists and six months down the local nick washing sheets it’s the long term she’s talking about no parole never life in a box. I lay it all out for her and eventually she seems to come round, I tell her I know nothing explain that I remember seeing the football the Saturday before and going for a curry and then its all blank.

Its going well and I start to think I might see the light of day again until she gets a call, something about my blood the medical tests have found something he says and they stuff me back into a cell screaming and kicking cursing the world. Now its three months later, I spent another month alone in that cell crawling up the walls not knowing what was happening to me and no one to talk to or scream at. Finally they came for me two of them and they talked straight the same woman Emma Grange was he name and a bloke but he was soft next to her, something in my blood they didn’t know what it was but it was alien, I laughed then they showed me my blood under a microscope and I wanted to cry. It boiled down to a choice life in a hole or take a job offer and the slim chance to find out what the hell happened to me.”


  • Agility D10 ( +1d type Hindrance )
  • Smarts D6
  • Spirit D4
  • Strength D6
  • Vigor D4
  • Pace 6
  • Parry 7
  • Charisma 2
  • Toughness 4


  • Stubborn ( Major)
  • Enemy ( Minor )
  • Vengeful ( Minor )


  • Attractive ( +2 Charismia )


  • Climb (Str) d6
  • Drive ( Agi) d4
  • Fighting ( Agi ) d4
  • Guts ( Spirit ) d4
  • Investigation ( Smarts) d4
  • Lock picking ( Agi ) d6
  • Notice (Smarts ) d4
  • Stealth ( Agi ) d8
  • Shooting ( Agi) d4
  • Streetwise ( Smarts ) d6