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powered by GURPS[edit]

Using the Dungeon Fantasy rules which are focus GUPRS 4th edition

PBP Ruling

Luck the Luck Advantage will renew every week of game to reflect one hour at a table top

PBP Combat

The GM will make rolls for Initiative and post the order for all to see...
Initiative is modified Base Speed +1d6, plus any advantages like Combat Reflexes. Generally initiative is only going to be rolled at the beginning of combat.
For Example --Bob the Knight, Kim the Cleric, Alex the Thief and Janet the Wizard are exploring a cave when the come around a corner and see a group of five orcs nearby. The GM rules no one is surprised, rolls initiative and posts the following...
"Within the huge cave you are exploring you come around a massive stalamite when you see a group of five orcs not five yards (meters) away from you! They roar out in rage and prepair to attack!
[ooc]No one is surprised so Initiative Order (encumbered Base Speed +1d6 +any other mods, advantages, etc.
12.25 Bob the Knight
10.50 Alex the Thief
10.00 the Orc Boss
9.25 Janet the Wizard
7.50 Kim the Cleric
7.00 Orc Warriors
Heroes Actions? Remember to include any bonuses, mods, affects and/or maneuvers you are doing in your OOC[/ooc]"
The Players then describe their action in their posts and then in an OOC at the bottom declare their actions for 3-4 rounds and make your Attack, Damage, and type of Defense rolls you want to use in order. Generally make at least 4 of each one including Dodges as some attacks can only be dodged, etc. Make note of any special ability, advantage, etc. that you are using so I do forget.
For example Bob the Knight in his first posts says...
"Bob the Knight shouts "Lets takes these bastards down yes! Follow my lead!" Bob's sword and shield are out and ready and he rushes the largest orc to slam his shield into it, hoping to knock it down or back. Then with some trickery and guile feints the orc and then slams his sword into the creature!!
[ooc]Bob is attacking the Orc Boss. On the first round Bob does Shield Rush on it, Shield-14, rolling [rolls a 10] and Damage [1d+1 +2 for the DB of the Shield= 7]. If that's enough to knock him down great. Otherwise following rounds will "Step and Attack" nearest Orc. Bob's attack rolls with his Broadsword-20 [rolling a 12, a 10, a 9, a 15 and a 4]. If the 4 is a Critical [roll 15]. If Bob hits with any of those Damage 2d+7 [rolling a 10, 14, 11, 15 and 13]. For Defenses Bob will default to Parry with this Broadsword (parry-16) and with Weapon Master only suffers 1/2 the penalty for multiples Parries in the same round [rolls 12, 14, 8, 10, 11 and 12]. If he falls below 14 he will then Block or if that is his only defense option [roll 10, 13, 9]. And finally if he needs to Dodge 9 [rolls 10, 14, 8 and 6].[/ooc]
Once everyone has posted their actions and rolls the GM will sort it out and post the results. Then the process repeats until combat ends
Rules for Sorcery updates from the Thaumatology: Sorcery PDF
A sorcerer can focus on only one spell at a time. Thus, while he is maintaining one spell, he cannot cast or maintain a different one. In order to maintain one spell and cast enough you are suppose to pay the full price, instead of 1/5, for your most expensive spell. This allows you to maintain one spell and still cast enough.
As a rule, sorcery spells cost 1 FP to cast. This keeps just enough resource management in sorcery to prevent its spells from turning into superpowers. As an optional rule, the GM may instead give sorcerers more flexibility by requiring them to meet any two of the following four requirements when casting a spell:
1. Pay 1 FP upon casting the spell.
2. Pay 1 FP upon casting the spell.
3. Perform obvious physical gestures, requiring some torso and leg movement and exaggerated arm movement, for the duration of the casting. The sorcerer can meet this requirement if he is sitting (unbound) or if his legs are chained, but not if his legs are clamped in place, he is tied to a chair, or his arms are restrained in any way.
4. Speak an obvious ritual chant, at normal conversation levels, for the duration of the casting. The sorcerer cannot be gagged and this makes Stealth (to be silent) impossible.
Accelerated Casting is a power-up costing 10 points, and allows her to switch spells instantly instead of having to spend 1 second concentrating. For example, if she has Fly active, she can land in one turn and immediately fire a lightning bolt on the next.


Argle, a Half-Ogre Scout played by Bira [1]
Taran Boltlord, a Human Sorceress played by GaoGaiGar [2]
Ruíz de Santiago Cat-Folk Barbarian played by chitzk0i [3]


Minou, a Cat-Folk Swashbuckler played by Dalillama (NPC) [4]
Lusha Pitch, a Human female Cleric, NPC[5]


Collected by the party so far.

Sold or divide up...

*728 copper ($) pieces
*3 magical Scrolls and a Tome with magical writing inside (total Wt. 5lbs mostly the Tome)
*Potion of Flight
*Quiver of elven make, 20 fine arrows
*Magic ring of Water Walking, made of silver with a red ruby embedded into it. (Wt. 1/10)
*one Potion of Lightning Resistant (Drinkable; +5DR vs. Lightning Damage for 1d+1 hours)
*a 3FT power stone gem
*Random Artwork (two sets now)

Claimed by a Hero...

*9 vials of two different colored liquid fluids (from goblins) 4 are greyish and 5 are milky white. Carried by Argle
*Helm of the Dark Lords: this helm grants the wearer Darkvision and +2 to vision based PER rolls. It also will fit to any sized head (Halfling to Half-Ogre) and is made of some kind of black armor with DR4 and Ligten enhancement (wt. with Face Mask is 4.2lbs and no penalty to hearing while wearing). Being worn by Taran
*Ebonreeve a Bastard Sword- Balanced, Dwarven, Very fine quality, Meteoric (Wt. 5lbs). Carried by Argle
*Heavy mail suit (of Sir Bilmojij Zurontangu) - Fine quality, Lighten 50% (DR5/3, Wt. 26lbs for full suit, not face; when worn only counts as 17.5lbs towards encumbrance). Worn by Ruíz
* one Agility Potion Ruiz, one Potion of Invulnerability (Drinkable; +3DR stacks with other DR, lasts for 1d+1 hours) Minou
*Throwing Axe: fine quality (+1 damage) with accuracy (+1 to hit) and Puissance (+1 damage) [total +1 to hit and +2 to damage], and Loyal (returns to hand with 1 second concentration) (Wt. 4lbs) Ruíz
*Potion of Invisibility (Drinkable; Grants invisibility for 1dx10 minutes, or until user takes offensive action (e.g., attacks) or casts a spell). claimed by Minou
*Magical amulet of Spell Storing (6FP max)
*Ring of Luck (Taran is carryig/wearing)

New Treasure...(divided between Roal, Ruiz, Argle and Lusha)



Total 10 XP

Important NPCs[edit]

Kotty, a young Human boy who works for the heroes as a porter, guide, rumor and gossip finder in the village of Bonepickers
Roal, Human male, Torch Bearer and Porter [Total 67]
ST 14 [40]; DX 10; IQ 10; HT 12 [20]
BL 51lbs; Base Damage 1d/2d-1; HP 14; Will 10; Per 10; FP 12; Base Speed 5.50; Move 6 [5]
Advantages: Fearlessness 2 [4]; Lifting ST 2 [6]; Shtick (can strike a fire anywhere) [1]; Shtick (Last thing under) [1]
Disadvantages: Appearance (Unattractive) [-4]; Callous [-5]; Compulsive Gambling (12) [-5]; Honesty (12) [-10]; Language (Native Written/None) [-3]; Wealth (Struggling) [-10]
Skills: Axe/Mace-10 [2]; Brawling-11 [2]; Climb-10 [2]; Fast-Draw (Torch)-10 [1]; Gambling-10 [2]; Hiking-12 [2]; Observation-11 [4]; Running-12 [2]; Search-10 [2]; Shield (Buckler)-11 [2]; Stealth-11 [4]; Streetwise-10 [2]; Wrestling-9 [1]
Gear: Poor quality clothing (wt. 2); Two large sacks (holds 40lb each, Wt. 3 each), Walking Pole 6' (wt. 3), pair of wooden playing dice.
  • Roal's two shticks allow him to (re)ignite any dry intact light source in one Ready maneuver, without having to ready flint and such. The 'Last thing wet' lets him keep his torch dry until the last possible instant when dropped into or doused or otherwise submerging into a light extinguishing substance.
Count Vincent Galith, a Half-Orc male noble. Purchased some of their art and offered them a job if they wanted it. He has a Half-Orc bodyguard named Blackjoe.
Lady Salista, a Human female and the heroes first employer. She was seeking guards to escort her to a hidden library within the ruined city of Old Bones. Happy with the work they provide and paid them for a full week even though they only explored the hidden library 3 days.
Neremyn Farfir a Half Elf noble servent who is arrogant and rather full of himself.
Wizard Tillmark a human wizard art collector.
Zhermir, Human Female Priest of the Raven Queen

The Sellswords[edit]

Narom Chov (Experienced Squire) [Total 167]
ST: 13 [30], DX: 13 [60], IQ: 11 [20], HT: 12 [20]
BL 34bs, Base Damage 1d/2d-1, HP 13 [0], Will 12 [5], Per 11 [0], FP 12 [0], Base Speed 6.00 [-5], Move 6
Advantages: Born War Leader 1 [5], Combat Reflexes [15], Enhanced Block 1 [5], Weapon Bond (Axe) [1]
Disadvantages: Bloodlust (12) [-10], Callous [-5], Greedy (12) [-15], Overconfidence (12) [-5], Vow (Never refuse a challenge to combat) [-10]
Skills: Armoury (Melee Weapons) - 11 [2], Axe/Mace -16 [12], Bow -15 [8], Boxing -12 [1], Broadsword -13 [2], Carousing -12 [1], Climb -12 [1], Connoisseur (Weapons) -11 [2], Fast-Draw (arrow) -13 [1], Gesture -11 [1], Hidden Lore (Undead) -10 [1], Hiking -12 [2], Interrogation -12 [2], Intimidate -11 [2], Knife -13 [1], Leadership -12 [2], Merchent -11 [2], Psychology (goblinkin) -10 [2], Running -11 [1], Shield -15 [4], Spear -13 [2], Stealth -12 [1], Strategu -10 [1], Tactics -10 [1], Wrestling -12 [1]
Gear: Axe (Damage 2d+1 cut, Reach 1, Parry 0U, Wt 4, Cost 50), Brass Knuckes (Damage 1d cr, Reach C, Parry 0, Wt 0.25, Cost 10), Large Knife (Damage 2d-3 cut/1d imp, Reach C/1 or C, Parry -1, Wt 1, Cost 40), Longbow (Damage 1d+2 imp, Acc 3, Range 195/260, Wt 3/0.1, Shots 1 (2), Bulk -8, Cost 200) with Quiver and 20 arrows (Wt 2.5, Cost 60), Light Mail Armour (DR 3/1, Wt. 36, Cost 1,500), Medium Shield (DB+2, Wt 15, Cost 60)
Encumbrance 61.75 lbs (Light load)
Block -14; Dodge -11; Parry: Axe 14, Boxing -12, Knight 11
Mao Piey (Brute) [Total 125]
ST: 14 [40], DX: 13 [60], IQ: 10, HT: 12 [20]
BL 39bs, Base Damage 1d/2d, HP 14 [0], Will 10 [0], Per 10 [0], FP 12 [0], Base Speed 6 [-5], Move 6
Advantages: Alcohol Tolerance [1], Combat Reflexes [15], Enhanced Block 1 [5], Fearlessness 2 [4]
Disadvantages: Bad Temper (12) [-10], Code of Honor (Stays Bought) [-5], Compulsive Behavior (checks gear all the time) [-5], Easy to Read [-10], Ham Fisted [-5], Sense of Duty (adventure companions) [-5], Stubborn [-5]
Skills: Armoury (Body Armor) -10 [2], Brawling -13 [1], Boxing -12 [1], Climb -12 [1], Crossbow -14 [2], Forced Entry -13 [1], Gesture -10 [1], Heraldry -10 [2], Knife -13 [1], Wrestling -12 [1], Shield -14 [2], Spear -16 [12], Stealth -12 [1], Thrown Weapons (Spear) -14 [2], Weather Sense -9 [1]
Gear: Spear (Damage 1d+2 imp/1d+3 two-handed, Reach 1* or 1, 2*, Parry 0, Wt 4, Cost 40), Large Knife (Damage 2d-2 cut/1d imp, Reach C/1 or C, Parry -1, Wt 1, Cost 40), Crossbow (Damage 1d+4 imp, Acc 4, Range 280/350, Wt 4/0.06, Shots 1 (4), Bulk -4, Cost 150), Quiver with 10 bolts (Wt 1.1, Cost 40), Heavy Cloth Armour (DR 2, Cost 450, Wt 36), Medium Shiled (DB+2, Wt 15, Cost 60)
Encumbrance 61.1 lbs (Light load)
Block -13; Dodge -10; Parry: Brawling or Boxing - 11, Knife -10, Spear -13
Genked Ashbraid (Archer) [Total 125]
ST: 13 [30], DX: 13 [60], IQ: 10, HT: 11 [10]
BL 34bs, Base Damage 1d/2d-1, HP 13, Will 10, Per 12 [10], FP 11, Base Speed 6.00, Move 6
Advantages: Absolute Direction [5], Acute Vision 2 [4], High Pain Threshold [10], Night Vision 4 [4], Strongbow [1], Weapon Bond (Bow) [1]
Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Soldier) [-10], Loner (12) [-5], No Sense of Humor [-10], Obsession (Slay some big monster with an arrow) (12) [-5], Phobia (Crowds) (12) [-15], Sense of Duty (Companions) [-5]
Skills: Bow -17 [16], Brawling -14 [2], Camouflage -11 [2], Climb -13 [2], Fast-Draw (Arrows) -15 [4], First Aid -10 [1], Gambling -9 [1], Gester -10 [1], Hiking -11 [2], Knife -14 [2], Observation -12/14 [2], Running -10 [1]. Scrouging -12 [1], Stealth -13 [2], Swimming -11 [1]
Gear: Longbow (Damage 1d+3 imp, Acc 3, Range 195/260, Wt 3/0.1, Shots 1 (2), Bulk -8, Cost 200) with Quiver and 20 arrows (Wt 2.5, Cost 60), Large Knife (Damage 2d-3 cut/1d imp, Reach C/1 or C, Parry -1, Wt 1, Cost 40), Heavy Cloth Armour (DR 2, Cost 450, Wt 36)
Encumbrance 42.5 lbs (Light load)
Dodge -8; Parry: Brawling -10, Knife -9


Raiders of the Dead. A once mighty and great port-city of Valdin on the Golden Coast was nearly destroyed almost a hundred years ago when the city's Wizards Guide tried to bring down a meteor of near pure Vis (pure magical essence) that they could mine to their hearts content. The spell went wrong and the meteor exploded over the city and shattered this Vis throughout it and the surrounding lands and killed most of the people in the area. Now a hundred years later there is a bit of a thriving trade for those who collect this Vis but also going into the ancient ruined city to recover the treasures there. Of course this is not as easy as it sounds. First much of the Vis was corrupted in the explosion and is now deadly to most living beings to handling it in raw form. Those that trade and transport it do so in thick iron bound boxes to protect themselves from the deadly effects. Second there is a corrupted and twisted forest (called the Wormwood) that has grown up around the ruined city. Fallow and unnatural creatures seem to grow out of the ground itself and no matter the number of them that are killed they seem to replenish their numbers within days. And third of course the city itself is overrun by undead and other monsters that have been drawn here by the malice and dark energies.

The group of adventures have been drawn here by the promise of wealth and glory. The shanty town of Bonepickes caters to these adventures and traders seeking the wealth of the ancient city (now called Old Bones). It is only a few hours away from edge of Old Bone's ancient walls (which strangely most remain standing). There are many possible adventures here for those brave (and foolish) enough to look. Are you one of them?

Important Locations[edit]


The shanty town of Bonepickers is surrounded by a 30ft tall wooden palisade. Two watchtowers face the south where up to six guards (generally archers and crossbowmen) are stationed day and night. The wall is breached only on the northern side by a heavy iron-reinforced gate. This gateway remains open during the day and six to ten guards man it during these times. From dusk to dawn the gate is closed and locked and no one is allowed to leave or enter during these hours. Within the walls the first thing one encounters is the "Job Board" a large wooden sign with a few dozen parchment posts attached to it with various jobs and those looking to be hired for various jobs (porters, mercenaries, etc). Just past the jobs board is a three story wooden structure with the rune for the Mage's and Alchemist's Guilds. Within the village there are about two dozen wooden building, none higher then two stories, and maybe the same number of tents. All advertising different services, good, gear, taverns, etc.
Businesses within its walls
Wizard's and Alchemy Guild- three story wooden building with guards outside. Located near the main gate and on the north side of the village.
Silver Bell - a very expensive inn for rich partons or very successful adventures. Its rates are 100 copper a night and don't include any meals none is there a discount for booking a room for the week. Food and drink are generally 25 to 50 copper a day.
Red Door Inn- fairly expensive inn and tavern but also the nicest in town. Its rates are 50 copper a night or 300 per week. This includes fairly fine food and drink.
Three Tree Tenement Lodge- fairly nice inn with standard rates of 25 copper a night or 150 copper a week. Food and drink included.
Bad Moon Tavern cheap inn and flop house.
Thomas Food and Rations- vendor who sells all types of food including standard Ration, along with Dwarf and Elf Rations at the standard rates (listed in Adventures)
Oakrie's Adventure Goods general Gear sold and will buy goods also.
Drake's Coinspinners- Gambling hall
The Rose Rooms- Gambling hall
Ale & Mead House - a good sized drinking hall. Run by a Half Orc Durun'
Money-Changers- this tent is located towards the center of town. Rumored to have gambling after hours
Xander's Blades and Weapons - a tent run by a happy-go-luck and rather fat Halfling by the name of Xander.
Vid's Safe Storage and Transports specializing in the sale of iron boxes of various sizes for the safe transportation of the magical ore Vis.

Within the Wizard and Alchemist Guilds

Goddess of Trade, Minerva - 1st floor chapel. Rather mercenary in their services
Arcana Kitchens - 1st floor dinning room. Very expensive for non-members.
Alchemist Guild - 2nd floor. One shop where one can purchase all listed Alchemy Compounds
*Standard Prices for Indentifying Posions: 50cp.
Wizard Guild - 3rd floor. One shop where one can buy some minor magic and will purchase various magical items.
*Standard Prices for Indentifying Magical Items: Scrolls (50cp), Magical Items (250cp)


This fell forest surrounds the ancient city ruins of Valdin (now called Old Bones) and even a bit into the ocean. Weird and mutated animals and planets are abundant here having been corrupted by the raw Vis that liters the area. At its shortest its about three to four hours travel from Bonepickers to the ancient walls of Old Bones. It is thicker and wider in some places but the town hires woodcutters and fire-starters to keep the vegetation back.


The ancient walls of this city still surround its ruins. some fifty feet high and made of hard granite stone the Wizard's Guild believes some ancient magic keep them intact when the meteor exploded over the city and destroyed many of the other structures within.
There are three main gates that pierce the great wall, on the north, east and west. From the north gate to the old docks is about 2 miles distance and is the distance between the east and west gate.