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This is a page for Evil Cabbage's Pony World: Clop Clop Adventures!


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Name HP AC Dmg XP Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Lvl Notes Loot
Astrafel the Bard 18/18 HP +2 d6 2 8 13 12 16 9 18 Cat ears and claws, a bit mad
Pyroboy the Ugly 13/13 +2 (+4 with spells) D4 40 8(-1) 16(+2) 9(0) 18(+3) 13(+1) 13(+1) 6 Stupid, ugly, annoying git 481 gold
Lanethe the Wild 21/21 +1 D8 22 12(0) 18(+3) 13(+1) 8(-1) 16(+2) 9(0) 4 Wild hair and cats eyes 300 gold
Erika 'Awesomeface' Torsdottir 21/21 +1 D8 0 12(0) 16(+2) 15(+1) 8(-1) 9(0) 13(+1)
Valeria the Paladin

Bonds Table[edit]

This Guy's connection to... Astrafel Colonel Lanethe Sparrow Valeria
Astrafel Hey, a mirror! He doesn't trust her-- with reason. That has nothing to do with catgirls. She must have a good heart in there somewhere. Possibly in a jar. Very, very impressed with her heroics.
Colonel We'll see how good a pupil she is. The path of murderwizardry is challenging and sooty. Also, she appeals to his huge Catgirl fetish. Note to self: huge softy, has bizarre ethical concerns about mass dendrocide So shifty. So very shifty. Will have to keep an eye on her. And my pockets. And her pockets.
Lanethe Astrafel is a friend of nature, so I will be their friend as well. I am terrified of the consequences of the Colonel's unrestrained murderwizardry near anything I care about.
Sparrow Astrafel is pretty good at music. I wonder if she'd teach me? Having a fall-back skill would be good. The Colonel is overbearing and a bit of a git. Maybe I should take him down a peg? What the hell is that weird cat-looking thing that Lanathe hangs around with?

The Sexy-Ass XP Scale[edit]

  • 6XP to level 2
  • 13XP to level 3
  • 21XP to level 4
  • 30XP to level 5
  • 40XP to level 6
  • 51XP to level 7
  • 63XP to level 8
  • 76XP to level 9
  • 90XP to level 10