Dwynwen and Alvah run away

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Michael James Watson
The trump opens.. Dwy is on a rocky slope, looking out over the ocean. "HI Shadowtraveller!!"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks with sad eyes to Dwynwen.
"Are you busy? Can we talk? I really need a friend now."
Michael James Watson
She looks around, "Ah...pull me through?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles and holds out her hand for Dwynwen to grab.
"Thank you. "
Michael James Watson
Dwy arrives and looks around, "My...so....clean......."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Yes that is starfleet for you. "
She sighs softly
"Thank you Dwynwen i just really need someone not being my brother or father to talk me out of doing stupid things. "
Alvah sniffs
"I just got really harsh news. Have a bit of trouble wrapping my head around it. Just heard i am apparently a danger for some."
Michael James Watson
she laughs, hugs your head, gently grasping the braid.
"To hear my father talk that's not uncommon a feeling! We are all dangers to some! Who are you a danger too?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah hugs Dwynwen back holding her braid as well.
Alvah inhales and looks Dwynwen right in the eyes.
"Apparently to many, zillions of people. I learned of my heritage from not the Amber side and it is ugly. "
Alvah smiles sadly
"Do you know a place we can go? Just relaxing not here or family. Or horror stories."
Alvah then grins slightly with a twinkle
"Preferably with hot and handsome guys to stare at. "
Michael James Watson
She smiles, removing her trump deck. Separating out the place trumps and spreading them out in a spread...
"Well, there are 100 cards here.... lets take a look...Sea View Gardens? too many family.....Tombs of Amber... well, one dead relative...so no... Phil's Diner... cheesecake... whatever that is. Ang Ri... I've heard a lot about that. Close to Chaos though....ah... this sounds interesting...Jack Rabbit Slim's?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Yes lets go! Fair warning chances are my father is going to come after but it might give us some reprieve. For now they think i am going for a run."
Alvah laughs
"Just need to misbehave with my friend. Since you are stronger. You lay contact i follow you."
Alvah lays her hand on Dwynwen her shoulder.
Michael James Watson
"Ah.... do you have money? This place probably needs it.. ah... Can the computers here make money that works at the place in the card? It might know the cards.. Maybe even have clothes for the place? "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks then nods
"Yeah it might. But yhat probably is retraceable where we went then so lets get a few different locations get appropriate items and go to the first choice."
Alvah walks to one of acces points and asks the computer to replicate proper currency and clothing for 3 different locations amongst one the jack rabbit slim.
Michael James Watson
Finding a room with a replicator straight out of the the Movies, the computer creates 2 separate piles, one for items for Dwy, some for Alvah. Clothes, belts, shoes, for Nenton cards 71,72& 73. There is a stack of paper money and a pair of credit cards with unknown names on them. Clothes, silver scaled jackets and pants with plate knee cobbs, and a pair of bags of silver and gold thin coins for card 55-The Stone of Skulls. Frilly red attire, and purse, stacks of worn looking paper money for card 35, Ganras Galleries.
And jeans, tight shirts, leather jackets, a stack of paper money and two credit cards each for Jack Rabbit Slim's
The computer also logs both Alvah and Dwynwen as having used the computer and says their names. Apparently all they are in the database already. Also it is clear that requesting these is something the computer has programs for; providing appropriate money and clothes to go to the places in the deck
Dwy says....."Oh my....they have done this before!"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs.
"Yes clearly my brother is a smart cookie."
She grabs the stacks of cltohing asks the replicator for a bag to put it in and nods to Dwynwen.
"Lets go my brother will probably now know i am not just running. We can change there."
Alvah smiles
"At least they'll know i am not alone."
She says giving a wink to Dwynwen
Michael James Watson
She picks up the jack rabbit slim card and opens it. The card opens into an ally that the neon of the venue can be seen ahead
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah will follow Dwynwen to the ally. She immediately looks around checking if they are alone.
"We can change here and then head in."
Michael James Watson
She doesn't seem shy about changing in an ally. though she needs some help on which side the items face. and how to tie the shoes..
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah helps Dwynwen getting dressed . After that she slips herself in the appropriate clothing. Putting their old in the bag.
Alvah hooks her arm in Dwynwens arm
"Lets have some fun girlfriend. " Alvah leads Dwynwen to the neon fronted place trying not to think about what she alle just heard.
Those worries are for later.
"I wonder if they dance in there. That would be fun. "
Michael James Watson
Entering the area cars and motorcycles are going back and forth and the lights echo the music
Entering the place is very active and the music is driving. There is a raised dance floor in the center surrounded by cars turned into booths. Actors as waiters and performers.
A waiter in a white shirt and black glasses a lot like Vek's takes orders. The fare is meaty and the drinks are tall. There are couples dancing but they anounce a upcoming dance contest.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah feels a relief just being somewhere bustling seeing the people dancing she glows.
She nudges Dwynwen softly
"Do you dance? We can maybe enter the contest. Wonder if it is purely couples."
Alvah asks around how to enter the contest.
She also orders two milkshakes.
Alvah keeps an eye on Dwynwen but Alvah is already enjoying themselves.
Michael James Watson
Dwyn looks at what they are doing, "Is that dancing? it must be dancing.. Im used to slower music and ropes..."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"here it is dancing. and ropes? oh i would love to see the type of dancing you do one day."
Alvah signals a waiter asking if she can sign up for the dancing competition eventho she is solo. She promisses to make a show out of it. She then also orders whatever strong drinks they have there.
Looking to Dwynwen she smiles
"Thank you so much for helping me get away for a moment. sometimes you just need to get away from reality."
Michael James Watson
They bring over the meal and Dwyn smiles, "I don't know who Derwood Kirby is but i like the look of his burger..And this 5$ shake... so yummy....."
She eats while watching the dancing.
The MC calls out Mixed doubles, and Alvah notices people mixing up couples. A tall man in a black leather jacket, and a guy in a lettermans jacket come up the the car booth.
"Hey kittycats, ready to dance?"
Dwyn looks to Alvah with wide eyes of surprise
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah doesn't eat much she just watches people and enjoys the mood and the energy.
Seeing the two men stop by the booth she nods
"well i am! " She gracefully jumps out of the booth and grabs a hand if offered. Alvah looks at Dwy
"you want to try to? or just sit and watch? that is okey to sweety."
She then looks from one men to the other
"So who thinks they can keep up with me? "
Michael James Watson
The letterman leans in and says, "Darling, Marylin has nothing on you. Lets get out there and Twist, don't worry. I'll make ya look good! "
The leather jack takes Alvahs hand, steps into the booth and up onto the stage, helping Alvah up
Dwy says, "Drop me or tie me and i'll cut your heart out. " The letterman, not knowing she means it literally says, "Ohh! Your gonna break my heart! "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets herself be guided to the stage and stands ready. measuring Leatherjacket, looking him from tip to toe.
A devilish playful smile on her lips
"Hope you stretched. " Batting her eyelashes.
Alvah waits till the music starts and grands the guy the pleasure of starting the dance. Giving him sense of control.
Michael James Watson
He says, "Oh ya, my girl likes me limber. Darlin, see the girl in the poodle dress with the Cary Grant guy? We have to dance better then them! "
He knows the music well and the moves of the period, though its clear the current age is far removed and they asre styling, but the moves are familiar and easy to pick up. Leatherjacket is a excellent dancer. Noting Letterman with Dwy he seems just as good but is using slow moves helping Dwy get the feel for things before speeding up
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets the guy lead, but once she got the feel for the style, the music and the steps she will put in t he extra effort to make the guy look fantastic.
She just allows herself to loose herself in dancing. It can be just as freeing as running but one just doesn't dance that quickly.
Eventho she lets herself go she won't forget they have something to win.
Michael James Watson
she thinks he is quite good, (1 pip in Dance-excellent amatuer. It is one of his main pasttimes. He stays past the first second and third song. at the end of the 4th he looks over at his girl Alvah notices a tiny hand gesture between them.
"Ready for the next set or skip one? My girl is doing the next round with Gary over there.. The contest is coming up and I'll have to dance with her. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles brightly
"oh no i am good for another round, as long as you are. keeping warmed up for the contest with your girl right. And i really am enjoying myself."
She keeps on dancing with the guy. Have to enjoy it while she still can.
During dancing she says
"you will rock that contest."
Michael James Watson
The next 4 songs go by in a blur. Then she see Spatchi standing by the car boot with Dwy looking at her like she must be crazy.
Spatchi looks annoyed...
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah finishes the round of dancing, even if Spatchi is already there.
When the round is done she thanks the guy for a the dancing and wishes him the best of luck for the contest.
She then calmly saunters of the stage to the booth. with a big relaxed smile on her face.
"Hey, want to dance as well?"
Michael James Watson
He steals a kiss as he thanks her.. says he hopes another night then walks over to his girl
Spatchi looks at her skirt.."I thought King Vance was playing a joke on me.. But i have seen two other women here with dog dresses.. and frankly, he looks sillier. But he has a hell of a motorcycle...
A moment later she sees vance enter with his hair greased back in a red jacked and blue jeans with a cig in his lip. Black hair rather then blond
He walks up, "Jack Rabbit Slims? I am impressed. Really. Caught a bit of your dancing. Very nice. Very nice indeed. The contest is in a few minutes, I promise i can keep up"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Spatchi and laughs
"you look so rad. and yeah it is kind of a thing. "
Seeing Vance come in her mouth opens slightly.
"dang this is not my era but you do look good. "
Hearing him offering to dance she smiles wider
"you are on! and yes dad forced me to learn ballet, and i started to love dancing. just like running. So come up here. "
Michael James Watson
He says, "I come here as James Dean but there is always a lot of competition. The difference between me and the other James Dean impersonators here is that I know James Dean. I've hung out with him. And i brought a James Dean to Vulsar, catching his car as it crashed and transporting him to safety and he is now a a drama coach in the theater department of Star Fleet. So, i know him. Lets dance!"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins wide
"well look at that, my brother got style. " She winks to Dwynwen and smiles to Spatchi
"you two enjoy. it won't be long. "
Alvah grabs the glass with her drink from the table and throws it down her throat.
Standing on the stage waiting for her brother to join her up there.
Michael James Watson
Vance does dance well, though not quite as good as Leatherjacket who was close to 2 pips in it. Vance's dance pip is from and earlier period of life.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah would have guided him subtly but mostly just dances along. She is not that competitive that she has to win.
Michael James Watson
a pair of clearly professional dancers win the contest and the heckles show they are frequent nightly winners
Amber Bronkhorst
A polite applause from Alvah. She then smiles to Vance, while climbing back in the booth.
"Thank you, that was fun."
She smiles to Dwynwen.
"So you enjoyed yourself to? "
Michael James Watson
Dwyn nods, as Letterman settles down in the booth with his arm around Dwy's shoulder.
Vance settles in to a booth next to Dwyn. He seems plaesed. He waves to a waitress, "Oh Jane? let me have the 32 oz Steak, bloody, and a pitcher of jack and coke. Ice water and a salad for the Lady. " He points to Spatchi.
Spatchi frowns, says, "I'll have the same. " After the waitress leaves, "Whatever that is.....Sire..."
Vance says loudly, "A truly excellent choice.. I saw the cards you got gear from and Was all set to go to Nenton.. But.. Some how Slim's seemed more likely. Its been years since ive been here. Hundreds in my world. thousands in the Abyss. All those centuries eating bugs and gutting orcs.. I've my Indian outside and I think after dinner I'm going to go put a couple hundred miles on it"
Letterman looks at Vance and says, "Ah...Are you a gamer?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises an eyebrow at letterman guy. But then turns her attention to Vance.
"Well that is why we used three places. See to at least throw you and dad off. "
Alvah snaps her head to the exit.
"He is not here right? And is he very pissed off?"
Michael James Watson
"Probably. I sent him to the Stone of Skulls. Said the time ratio there meant you probably had several hundred miles of ground covered. I came in at the Footman's Garage. That's in North Hollywood, about a 20 minute ride from here. They are in the deck too. Amber-friendly. Random runs a specialty garage there. I have had my Indian there in a stasis chamber for too long. I think i'll take it back to Vulsar with me.. Random keeps a 59 Maserati here thats just cherry.. High on cool"
He leans in, "If you like, we can pop over there and pick up Corwin's 55 Harley Davidson. amazing ride. Get a couple rice rockets for Dwy and Spatchi and we could race to the east coast. Hell, we'll put Letterman in a sidecar and see how his likes his new life style"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Well at least got some more breathing room then till he figures i am not there. "
Alvah plays with small things on the table moving them between her fingers. Letting them 'dissappear' simple sleight of hand things to focus on her thinking.
"Should we not let dad know you found us? Don't want to give him more reason to want to hide me away."
She then grins
"Although racing to the east coast just for hell of it and having a swell time does not sound bad. What do you think, Dwy? Spatchi?"
Michael James Watson
Letterman looks around, "I could use a couple days away from the office...."
Vance looks at him, laughs, "You're in Letterman! Don't you dare tell us your previous name."
In french Vance says, "No, Delwin will return to Amber. He's made his point. You have walked the pattern, and that made him tell you why he was afraid. He can't do crap about it now. If he tried hiding you a way it would be an actionable assault against a member of the royal family. And if he tried guilting you it would be seen as pretty crappy by more then a few of us."
Spatchi is silent, but Dwyn is smiling, surprised by the turn of events conisdering where she is supposed to be and what she is now running from"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins to Letterman. Then turning her hdad to Vance continuing in French.
"That is good to know. Though i do see he had a point of hiding me away. If i am such a danger. If it is all true ofcourse."
Alvah checks if Cicero is still okey who probably hid somewhere in her shirt.
Then she shrugs and says in french
"Dad wanted to go back to home, well shadowhome, there is still a matter of Dufiro that have been summoned."
Michael James Watson
Vance says, "There always is. There is always something. Have to have fun and roll wit it if it bites you"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Well if you can stay away a bit from work then lets have fun, before the drearynes of reality sets in. "
Alvah smiles to Dwy
"Thank you for going out on a limb and just help me run off. "
Looking at Spatchi
"I'll try next time to remember and inform you. Kind of getting used to alot."
Alvah then realizes somethibg looking at Vance.
"Dad could just have called me. Right? Why didn't he?"
Michael James Watson
"The other thing is, well, as you travel shadow, and spend decades in them, it becomes something of a challange top live in that world according to its dictates. Its like the Prime Directive. No interfering with the development of new worlds. Being an Amberite is like that. So whatever world you go into you cna blast away with otherworldly powers or you can live a fine life, even an extravagant life, within the structure of the world. Delwin was doing that. In a world that knew nothing of Amber, the Jeweled Road..or Dufirosm.. When He found out that it was a Dufiro, well, that allows him to use otherworldy powers and I assure you. In his private shadow, he can handle almost anything. His problem was that he defended against the wrong thing. Azcalans, and their powers. Chaos and their powers.. Even Amberites. But Dufiro are none of those. They are a race apart. Creatures of Shadow. If they are nearer Chaos then anything else, does not make them creatures of Chaos or Hell."
"Why? That was.. my doing. Your computer activity registered in my borg implant. So i checked what you had done. Then i showed him, suggested you were more likely to seek power in at the Stone of Skulls. I guessed better. The computer randomized 4 places and you input one. He didn't know that. Will he be made at me when he realizes it? Sure. But I'm used to it. If you ever want to distract him, ask him why the Mig 15 is the best early jet era combat craft. He can't resist explaining why it isn't. Of course, you might find yourself learning how to fly jets but at least it will have changed the subject."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods impressed
"Well yeah you have more experience leading him away from something or distraction."
Alvah waves her hand causing Cicero to sway back an forth to.
" oh no i do not like flying i'll just run off. It is what i am good at. And he knows i need it. "
Alvah then claps her hands, the little ornamental piece she was playing with is gone, she smiles wide
"So when do we leave?"
Alvah then smiles at Vance and Spatchi
"And after this i'll go find a suitable teacher and such.:
Michael James Watson
"I've the Indian out there.. I don't suppose you have a vehicle. I suppose you could get a taxi"
Letterman says, "I have a minivan in the parking lot."
Vance looks at him. "Of course you do.. That's perfect. And Adask, and Amberite, and Elite, and an accountant in an minivan driving around North Hollywood following a king on a Indian.. That story should be told every Christmas.. Letterman, Dwyny and Spatchi will go with you. Follow me and Alvah. Do you know where Saticoy and Ethel is?"
"West of Coldwater Canyon?"
Vance leans back, "Thats right! Up Coldwater, left on Saticoy, Right on Ethel. We are looking for the Footman's Garage."
Letterman says, "By the OPI building."
Vance laughs, gets up and heads out the door, dropping a handfull of bills on the wait station.
Vance looks to Alvah, "Do you mind riding behind me?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shakes her head.
"I don't mind. " she follows Vance out
"Well this is indeed an interesting story development, but not unwelcome after such drama."
She smiles to Dwynwen and Spatchi.
"You okey with this to?"
Michael James Watson
Dwy says, in thari since she does not speak English or French. "Yes.. I'm jsut glad to be away from Amber."
Spatchi smiles, "I have no choice. But, its not bad considering where i woke up this morning" Aslo not speaking English or French
Letterman leads the group to his 13 year old dented ford windstar minivan. Opening the door for Dwy and Spatchi, he waves at a gape mouthed Leather Jacket guy and his girl.
Vance glides her up on the back of the bike and says to Letterman. "I drive fast but you know where I'm going. Don't take too long. You won't believe whats going to happen next."
Vance takes off, heading out of the parking lot fast, showing the bikers what 3 pips in motorcycle looks like. He drives up out of West hollywood, over Laurel Canyon road, taking the turns and curves at breakneck speeds.
Coming out of the Hollywood hills into studio city and into north hollywood he doesn't stop for lights or sirens.
Taking several turns he powers into a roll door garage that closes behind him as he spins twice to a stop
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thoroughly enjoying the ride . She does hold Vance for dear life not to fall off.
When they stopped Alvah slides from the back and makes a whooo sound
"That was awesome! Damn you can drive. "
Alvah looks around in the garage they are in.
"Guess the minivan is going to take a bit longer" Alvah laughs