EPT Jakallan Nights and Days

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An Empire of the Petal Throne Adventure, using (more or less) the 1975 rules by M.A.R. Barker

Setting Information[edit]

City Seal of Jakalla

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Dramatis Personae[edit]

Player Characters

  • Tsorakk
  • Dresu a warrior, played by LordOmega
  • 'Asso a warrior, played by Daztur
  • Neqo a sorceror, played by tutunaku
  • Thekuto a warrior, played by Asen_G

The Glorious Dead

List of NPCs


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  • Character Creation (Including the "Adventurer" profession from the article in Dragon #31) *I've spotted an error in the "Adventurer" skills on the character creation page. Please refer to the Dragon article for the adventurer's skill list.