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Patrick Carlyle[edit]

"Cool One-Liner"


High Concept: Stressed Out Forensic Scientist

Trouble: In Debt to the Mob

Phase 1 Aspect: From the Mean Streets


+4: Science

+3: Investigate, Crafts

+2: Will, Notice, Contacts

+1: Burglary, Deceive, Fight, Shoot


Cybernetic Eye: Patrick's eye has a zoom function similar to a microscope. Once per scene he can use Investigate to detect small details that would otherwise be undetectable to the naked eye.

Neural Database: Patrick receives a +2 to Science rolls to analyze or identify unusual or unknown chemical compounds.

First Aid: Once per Scene, Patrick may make a Science roll to help another character recover one box of Stress that they received in this Scene.


Patrick is a young and gifted chemist, who was on track to earning his doctorate before getting the job offer for the new unit. He wouldn't have taken it, and would instead have focused on his studies, but unfortunately for him, his benefactors got in touch and informed him in no uncertain terms that he would be taking the job.

See, Patrick came from nothing. And like many people who came from nothing, he did what he had to to survive. But Patrick wanted out of that life, and he managed to get a loan from the people he worked for to go to school and earn his degree. No he owes everything to smugglers, drug-runners, and killers for hire, and although he'd love nothing more than to become a doctor and get a job at an actual company, his debts mean that he's now working as a forensic scientist for the police, and his old bosses' man on the inside in this new unit.

As part of their investment, Patrick's old bosses have also paid for some cyberware. Patrick has a drive attached to his brain that contains a database of medical and chemical information. In addition, his left eye is cybernetic with an enhance Zoom feature that allows it to mimic the function of a microscope.


Fate Points (4): 4

Mental Stress (4): 0 0 0 0

Physical Stress (3): 0 0 0

Consequences - none

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