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This tree is often left as a footnote in the tragic tale of Perphyron Deran, relegated to the sidelines by 'scholars' who wish to further their personal agendas at the cost of historical truth. When studied impartially, the Echryistac Tree if found to be a magnificent example of Primordial craftsmanship, an example of a wonder Creation will never see again.

The tree's importance is often left as being the focal point of the Carthesis 'disease'. It would be more accurate to state that the disease was caused by human inability to fully comprehend the Tree. A single branch of the Echryistac tree held more concentrated, materialized joy than the entire human race can be said to generate in a full day. When confronted with this apparition, most mortals simply stare in rapt fascination until they die from malnutrition.

Those who can break themselves from contemplating infinite joy are left changed. More prone to introspection, more empathic to the joys and sorrows of those around them. This empathy if often debilitating, as demonstrated by Carthesis; however, it can also be said that this empathy is also amazingly potent in combating the effects of becoming Anathema. Perphyron Deran's story can attest to this, as it was extended contact with the tree that let him retain enough of his soul that he was still recognizably human at his death during the Purging of Citan.

Conversely, the Tree's destruction by Resiar Gux, a feat accomplishable only through the application of infinite malice, is a potent reminder of the depravity Anathema are capable of.


Perphyron Deran



Purging of Citan

Resiar Gux

-Ledu Budehi, August Chronicler of Art