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Concept: A disillusioned doctor who set out to cure the ills of the nation, but fell in love
Rank: 4th
Archetype: Doctor
Chi: 13 (5/13 Cultivation) (1/10 Enlightened Cultivation)
Lake: 7
River/Aura: 2
Cultivation/Entanglement/Other Destiny: 38/32/21
Destiny/Entanglement Left: 0/0
Condition Cultivation: 0
Chi Threshold: 13/26/39 - 18/36/54
Joss (Chivalrous/Malicious): 4/1


  • Complicated Love Life: Has fallen in love with the lovely Ko Lifang


Benevolence: 4, Force: 3, Honor: 3, Loyalty: 1, Righteousness: 5, Piety: 3
Ferocity: 1, Individualism: 1, Obsession: 1, Revenge: 3, Ruthlessness: 1

Combat Statistics[edit]

Subtle Force (Massive Unarmed) [Speed +10, Strike +10, Footwork +15, Block +5, Damage +5, Toughness +5]
Subtle Force (Ranged) [Speed +5, Strike +15, Footwork +10, Block +5, Damage +0, Toughness +5]


Awareness +5; Crafting +0; Hardiness +5; Learning +5 Might +0; Politics +0; Stealth +0; Tactics +0 Confidence +5; Finesse +0; Inspire +0; Medicine +10 (Black Lotus Pills, Disease, Focus on Breath, Injuries, Pressure Points) Perform +0; Ride +0; Survival +5; Wu Wei +5


Light Armor [Increases Chi Threshold by 5 for Injury Conditions] (Free)
Massive Unarmed [+5 Damage, Footwork, +5 Speed; Can Focus on Breath with a single die; If attack is described in a manner better Dodged than Blocked, the penalty to Block is -10; Able to Flood one die from the River while making an attack to ignore the target’s armor on any resulting Rippling roll] (Free)
Acupuncture Needles (Ranged) [+5 Strike; Can make attacks against targets in adjacent zones; Flood one die from the River to make attacks against targets further away, up to a limit set by the Sage] (1)

Kung Fu[edit]

[32 Cultivation (32 Normal)]

Subtle Force[edit]

(Laughs At: Nothing; Fears: Nothing) [Speed +5, Strike +10, Footwork +10, Block +5, Damage +0, Toughness +5]
- Correct Approach [Capable of creating superficial wounds with a +10 Damage Bonus] (7)
- Disorder-Dissolving Presence [You have a +5 bonus to any check to break a Wave] (2)

Nine Sun Birds[edit]

- 1: Cry of the Golden Crow [+5 to Speed]
- 2: Light Diffused By Clouds [People whose Initiative exceeds yours by 20 points or less can’t break your waves, as if the waves had already finished. They don’t actually finish until your turn comes up, but their completion becomes inevitable.] (2)
- 3: Scattering the Golden Feathers [This attack is an Area Attack] (3)
- 4: Supreme Burst of Speed [+20 to Speed; +5 to Footwork and Finesse for the entire Round] (4)

Formless Techniques[edit]

- 2: Drifting Cloud Step [You can Cover Ground towards a zone that can’t support you, such as the middle of a lake or up in the air; not usable two rounds in a row] (2)


- Additional Weapon: Ranged (1)

Secret Arts[edit]

(4 Cultivation)

The Doctor’s Art[edit]

  • The Secret Art of Medicine
  • A Doctor’s Work
  • Secrets of Treatment
  • Introduction to Medical Conditions
  • Extraordinary Medical Techniques
    • Closing the Five Gates (2 Destiny)
    • Cutting the Branch (2 Destiny)

Curses and Influences[edit]

Extraordinary Daoist Techniques[edit]


(32 Entanglement - 2 Cultivation)

Little Forest Sect (3 Entanglement)[edit]

  • 0 Bonus: Buddhist Loresheet at -2 Destiny cost (Used)
  • 0 Bonus: 1 time, -2 Destiny discount when buying Blossom Harvest, Eight Legends, or Destiny Cloud Fist as secondary external style
  • 0 Technique: Learn all of Iron Body’s techniques
  • 2 Secret: Fighting Unarmed now counts as fighting with a Massive Weapon

Blue-Eyed Celestial Demon (6 Entanglement)[edit]

  • 5 Status: Descendant of the Blue-Eyed Celestial Demon (Status 3 amongst all the Wulin) (6)
    • -2 Rival

Buddhism (1 Entanglement)[edit]

  • 5 Destiny: Buddhist Piety
  • 2 Victory: Forgo a Ripple roll to cause a Major Inspiration aimed toward a proper Virtue set
  • 3 Treasure: Tantric Healing Manual: It's a manual that allows you to replace the Surgery Tool with Tantric Healing. This Tool still requires access to the patient, and an extended, friendly action, but it does not require healing time on the patient's part, or for you to inflict an Injury condition. Like Surgery, you gain a +5 bonus if you spend at least an hour performing the action, but unlike surgery, you can choose to forgo that bonus and perform the healing more quickly. Moreover, if you can refer to the manual while you're performing the tantric healing, you get an additional +5 bonus (stacks with the other bonus if you spend an hour-plus)

Blazing Beacon[edit]

  • 1 Involvement: Known as a good and respectable doctor in the town of Blazing Beacon, who is more than willing to help any who needs it. (free)
  • 1 Status: Known as a good and respectable doctor in the town of Blazing Beacon, who is more than willing to help any who needs it.
  • 2 Treasure: I have my own clinic, just off the old Grand Market in the center of town. My clientele may not be rich, for the most part, but they are grateful, and allow me to not only own and operate the establishment, but once and awhile to afford some of the finer medicines that merchants place on offer. Once per story, I may have access to Quality Tools or Rare Herbs.

Secrets of Destiny: Lovers and Romatic Interests[edit]

  • 0 Disadvantage: Whispering Kick has fallen in love with the lovely Lin Lifang

Silk Road[edit]

  • 2 Status: Since Panther Girl has begun bringing the wounded and the sick among the travelers of the Silk Road to Whispering, he has gotten a reputation as a friend to merchants and refugees alike.

Black Lotus Society[edit]

  • 1 Involvement: You've interrupted their plans; the Black Lotus Cult doesn't take such things lightly.
  • 2 Treasure: You've come into a small cache of Black Lotus Pills. Perhaps you can study them and learn their secrets; or you could always take one yourself! (9 whole pills, plus 1 heavily shaved pill left)
  • 2 Fortune: The Corrupt Priests You've learned of the existence of the order of corrupted Daoists monks who serve at the behest of the Black Lotus Cult. What perifidious ends could lead any Daoist to consort with such thugs?!

Mountain Heart Sect[edit]

  • 1 Involvement: The strange and austere Buddhist sect has learned of your exploits, and they are impressed.

Chi Conditions[edit]

  • Finely-Tuned Breathing - Minor Metal Medical Condition
    • Through the medical practices of acupuncture, Whispering Kick's respiratory system has been so well-honed that he is hyper-oxygenated, giving him more energy and vigor to do anything with; however this requires constant maintenance to remain operating at so high a level, as well as avoid large quantities of smoke and other airborne contaminants.
    • +5 Action Bonus
  • Carefully Constructed Herbal Tea - Minor Earth Medical Condition
    • Through careful measurement and calibration, every morning Whispering Kick imbibes a homemade herbal tea that greatly enhances his spleen's functioning. In addition to giving him greatly enhanced Chi, this tea has the side effect of increasing his sense of taste, so that strong foods are made even more pungent, making it so that Whispering Kick tends to eat more mild and bland foods and drink.
    • +1 Breath Bonus

  • So much violence! - Trivial Sadness (Metal) Passion
    • Anytime Whispering Kick contributes to violence, he suffers pangs of guilt, interfering with his Chi regeneration. This will disappear of it's own accord if he solves a dispute through pacifistic means.
    • -0 Breath Penalty


  • +10 one time bonus for an Extended Learning or Medicine check for Black Lotus Pill mysteries
  • +5 Laughs At Bonus for an Extended Learning or Medicine check for Black Lotus Pill mysteries