Ehri Garamel

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Ehri Garamel


Str -1

Sta 0

Fgt -1

Dex 0

Agl 2

Int 12

Awa 10

Pre 0


Parry +7 Dodge +7 Tou +17 Fort +10 Wil +14


Insight +12, Investigation +14, Perception +12, Technology +22, Persuasion +6, Expertise: Science +14, Expertise: Galactic Affairs +14, Expertise: Economics +14


Inventor, Luck 3, Equipment 1 (Computer, Comlink, Cell Phone, GPS, Multitool), Wealth 5


Genius Child of a Genius Scientist

Comprehend 3 (Speak, Understand and Read all languages) Quickness (Mental Only) 8

Genetic Modification

Regeneration 1, Immunity 3 (Poison, Disease, Age), Enhanced Advantages 3: Eidetic Memory, Jack of All Trades, Attractive 1

The Princess's Wardrobe

Protection 6, Feature 2 (Quick Change 2), Immunity 7 (Suffocation, Vacuum, High Pressure, Heat, Cold, Radiation) Removable -3

Implanted Force Projection Matrix

Enhanced Parry 8, Enhanced Dodge 5, Protection 11, Flight 1 (Continuous), Move Object 1 (Precise, Perception, Subtle, Damaging), Movement 1 (Zero-G Adaptation)

Helping Hands

(52 Pt Main, 4 Alt Effects, Easily Removable -22)

'Plasma Cannon'

Ranged Damage 12, Multiattack, Accurate 6, Homing, Precise, Improved Critical 4, Indirect 4


Remote Sensing 12 (Sight and Hearing), No Conduit, Subtle

'Crowd Control'

Damage 12, Area (Burst 2), Selective, Precise

'Army of Hands'

Move Object 12, Close, Precise, Area (Burst), Selective, Quickness 8 (Physical Only)

'Hyperspace Transition Mode'

Flight +20, Movement 6 (Space Travel 3, Permeate 3)



Responsibility (Ehri feels great guilt over the crimes of her father, and therefore feels obligated to try and help people where she can)


Ehri is sought both by agents of the Democratic Free People's Revolutionary Republic (as a Gamri and a Garamel) and by Gamri expatriates who want to use her to overthrow the DFPRR. She's also on Lex Luthor's list (As Erin Gramer), but (ironically) they mostly fight with stock takeovers and lawsuits.

Secret Identity

Erin Gramer, Tech CEO and philanthropist.


To her company and charity work. Sure, Earth is a small planet by normal standards, but she has to start somewhere-- and has very good reason to keep her head down.


In a neighboring galaxy, long ago, the genius scientist Rehar Garamel rose to power, first conquering his home planet and all of his species (the Gamri) using his vast intellect and superior technology, and then expanding outwards, conquering world after world, bringing countless stars under the control of the Gamri Empire under the crushing-hand banner he bore. (His technology uses a mechanical hand motif; his own hands were prosthetic replacements.) In time, when he'd conquered a bit too much territory to administer efficiently, he settled down to continue his work in the scientific field, such as horrible experiments on living things or creating the terrifying Sun-Crusher weapons, and to create his family.

Ehri may be the child of one of her father's concubines in some sense, but the majority of her DNA wasn't left to chance-- she was engineered from the beginning to have an intellect worthy of her father and immunity to such casual hazards as diseases or toxins. Her father wanted a tiny, dainty daughter, however, so Ehri is, even as a young adult, rather small and slender. (She resents this, but not enough to risk altering her own body.) She was raised in a life of luxury and well-educated in science and taught herself a great deal about a variety of other fields; technology was implanted in her to keep her safe as well, and she was given access to her Helping Hands, an army of robotic hands that fly and carry out her wishes.

As a child, she knew that things were wrong in the Gamri empire, and she didn't like how everyone was scared of her, nor did she care for the manipulations she could easily see all around her from courtiers and administrators. She braced herself for politics, machinations, assasination attempts, and these were certainly present in her life; she also acted to protect the servants and others around her from her father's callous experiments and executions, as much as she could.

What she was *not* quite prepared for was a massive popular uprising, lead by heroes of dozens of worlds. The Garamel family learned, rather too late, that many of their "loyal" servants had been spies for a revolutionary cabal, that there were ways to disable their massive defensive and military technologies, and that they had, in the end, very few friends or allies at all. Lord Garamel was executed, as were all members of his government, most of their servants, and an ever-expanding circle of actual or suspected "Loyalists."

Luckily, a few of Ehri's caretakers were sympathetic to her-- it was hardly her fault that her father was a monster, and she herself hadn't harmed anyone-- and she was able to escape by careful engineering of her Helping Hands into tools of transport and defense. Nowhere in her home galaxy was safe for her, and she had reasons to be suspicious of the major powers in the Milky Way, but, after wandering for a while, she settled on Earth as a good location to hide in (all the advanced technology and metahumans would be good camouflage) and went there, using her vast intellect to create a technology company and settling in to do gentle science, acts of charity, and helping thsoe she could... and, ultimately, using her real power to fight destructive forces in the world.