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Race: Ophidian
Bennies: 3/3
Cash: $30
Languages: Aquatic, Canine, Common, Feline, Serpentine, Vermin
Pace: 6
Parry: 5
Power Points: 15/15
Toughness: 9 (5)


Athletics d6
Common Knowledge d4
Fighting d6
Gambling d6
Healing d4
Intimidation d4
Notice d8+2
Occult d6
Persuasion d4
Research d4
Science d4
Spellcasting d10
Stealth d6
Survival d6


AB: Magic


Loyal (Minor)
Phobia (Major) [Claustrophobia]
Thin Skinned (Minor)


Boost/Lower Trait
Detect/Conceal Arcana


Scimitar (STR+d8, $300, Poisoned)
Throwing Axe (STR+d6, $100, Poisoned)
Enchanted Amulet (+4 Armor, $500)
MRE (30, $300)
Medic Kit ($100)
Rope (Nylon, $10)
Lantern ($25)
Lantern Fuel (6 refills, $30)
Scale Oil/Wax ($5, 5 blocks)


1 — Raise Smarts to d8
2 — Gain the New Powers Edge
3 — Gain the Power Points Edge
4 — Raise Smarts to d10
5 — Gain the Wizard Edge
6 — Raise Spellcasting to d10
7 — Raise Stealth and Fighting to d6
8 — Raise Vigor to d8
9 — Gain the New Powers Edge
10 — Gain the Power Points Edge
11 — Raise Gambling to d6, raise Survival to d6
12 — Raise Strength to d8
13 — Gain the New Powers Edge
14— Raise Notice to d8

Ophidian Racial Traits[edit]

Aquatic (2) The ophidians lurk within the ancient swamps and bogs. To them, water is like air, and they are famous for their underwater ambush tactics.

Bite (1) Razor-sharp fangs wait to bite into prey and release their toxic venom. Ophidian fangs are hollow and hypodermic, and so are cared for quite steadfastly.

Immune to Poison and Disease (2) As a result of living in ancestral and deadly swamps, the ophidians have long since obtained an immunity to all manner of illnesses and poisons.

Infravision (1) Ophidians can "see" heat, especially in living beings, through a special sensory organ known as the pit. Between this and their flickering tongues, prey being stalked in even the darkest nights will have trouble hiding.

Poison (3) [Lethal] Ophidian venom is toxic beyond measure, able to kill even the biggest prey in mere minutes. The ophidians relish the use of this toxin, and it is often sold on the black market to less scrupulous folks.

Environmental Weakness (-1) [Cold] The swamps are hot and humid, and as such the serpent-men cannot abide the touch of cold, which can send them into a deep slumber often followed by death.

Major Hindrance (-2) [Bloodthirsty] The ophidians do not tend to take prisoners, instead sacrificing them in dark rituals or consuming them for food.

Minor Hindrance (-1) [All Thumbs] Serpent folk have a distinct disdain of technology, preferring magic and simple weapons that can be easily poisoned by their venom.

Minor Hindrance (-1) [Outsider] Society is more than willing to trade, deal, and negotiate with the serpentine folk, but their cold gazes and tendency to devour their food still alive and squirming is rather offputting at best.

Racial Enemy (-1) [Ratmen] Ophidians warred with the rats for centuries before successfully driving them out of the swamps, and the old hatred remains to this day.