Eldariel the Lost

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  • Class: Elf
  • Level: 1
  • Experience Points: 941 (+5%)
  • Total Hit Points: 7
  • Armor Class: 5
  • Movement: 30' (light encumbrance)


  • Str 12
  • Int 17 (+2 Languages)
  • Wis 8 (-1 to saves vs magical attacks)
  • Dex 9
  • Con 14 (+1 hp per level)
  • Cha 10 (Max henchmen 4, morale 7)


Common, Elvish, Gnoll, Hobgoblin, Orc, Dwarf, High Tongue, Fey


Level 1[edit]

Protection from Evil
Read Magic

Prepared (1x1): Ventriloquism


9 gems of 10gp each plus note of provenance, 8gp, 6sp

  • 559 gp stashed at base


Sword (60cn; 1d8 damage)
Longbow and 39 arrows plus 5 silver arrows (20cn; 70/140/210 range, 1d6 damage)
Spear (30cn; 1d6 damage)
Silver dagger (10cn; 10/20/30 range, 1d4 damage)

Elf chain (400cn; AC 5)

Backpack (80cn): Large sack, 2 weeks Iron Rations, waterskin, silver medallion with the fanged jaws and six tentacle/arms emblem on it, dark grey hooded cape of a light but thick weave, dagger, garlic, wolfsbane, 2 flasks of oil, small pouch of gems and coin

Other: Shield (kept on the mule for emergencies), 50' rope (on mule)

Encumbrance: 600cn (Light Encumbrance, 30' Move)