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Elite is a young boy roughly in his teens. Somewhere between 13 and 16. He is typically seen wearing his blue and yellow colored mask as well as his blue jacket and short brown pants. Elite has a look of both a scared little boy and a bubbling over volcano hiding a river of lava inside. When he is in typically conversation Elite is awkward with his words and uncharacteristically shy. Often mumbling around words or unable to find the proper thing to say.

When in battle he adopts a fare more deadly appearance and posture and it shows with how ruthless he is in combat.


As mentioned above. Elite is both a clumsy, awkward young boy with a submissive attitude when not directly fighting anyone. But when forced into combat his attitude automatically changes to that of a cold murderer and fights with deathly precision and skill. Any hostility is instantly met with a cool attack on his part and anyone hoping to catch the boy off guard will soon find he has already pulled out a knife and is holding up to their neck.

Most people are aware of Elite's violently different personalities except for, and here's a shocker, Changeling who automatically seems to disarm him.


Elite's powers are mostly a combination of advanced marital arts, skills and training that have allowed him to fight to the point where he can easily match most any mutant on an equal level due to an excellent manipulation of Chi energy.

Background and Continuity[edit]

In this universe, Elite was born in Freedom City to an ordinary parent couple. When he was indoctrinated to the Murder Society, he was trained by the dark Pain Master as his most powerful apprentice. Elite killed hundreds of people under his Pain Master's guidance, however Elite met his match when he was sent to kill Freedom City's greatest "champion" Izdubar.

Izdubar first managed to defeat Elite on a physical scale, but when he was defeated then he decided to try taking his friends and family as hostages. The Murder league didn't know who Izdubar was however. They simply knew of his relation to Chantal Chandler who became their prime target now... however she wasn't home at the time. When Elite came to the doorstep all he found was Chantal's mother. The two looked similar enough that Elite held her hostage anyway.

What happened next wasn't quite known but when Izdubar arrived Chantal's mother was unconscious but alive and Elite was shouting at random things for no reason. Elite ran, seemingly afraid of Izdubar, and when the enraged warrior caught Elite... he found the once dangerous and deadly assassin to be crying. Like a boy should. Izdubar lost the nerve to harm him and so he sent him to Claremont for proper treatment where Elite has since been regaining a childhood and making friends with several of the people there. Including Whoop-Ant and Changeling.

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