Elyssira Kalhisana (Archons of the Northern Waves)

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Archons of the Northern Waves

Name: Elyssira Kalhisana

Aliases (if any):

Origin of Power: Legacy

Rules Sheet[edit]


Cost: 68

  • STA 10
  • STR 8
  • AGL 3
  • AWE 4
  • PRE 4
  • FGH 4
  • INT 1
  • DEX 0


Cost: 0

  • Toughness: 10
  • Fortitude: 10
  • Wllpower: 4
  • Dodge: 3
  • Parry: 4


Cost: 12

  • Attractive 2
  • All-out Attack 1
  • Diehard 1
  • Fast Grab 1
  • Improved Critical (Unarmed) 2
  • Improved Initiative 1
  • Improved Smash 1
  • Improvised Weapons 1
  • Throwing Mastery 2
  • Office (Archon of Tortuga) 2
  • Reputation 3
  • Venture: Port Tortuga (Marine Forces 7, Major Trade Route 8, Bridge between the Outer Steps and Retenu 5)


Cost: 15

  • Fame 11
  • Acrobatics 6 /+3 Agi
  • Athletics 2 /+10 Str
  • Expertise: Native Biology 4/+1 Int
  • Insight 4 /+4 Awe
  • Intimidation 4 /+4 Pre
  • Perception 4 /+4 Awe
  • Persuasion 4 /+4 Pre
  • Ranged Combat (Throw) 4 /+3 Agi


Cost: 70

  • Immunity
    • Poison, Disease, Heat, Cold, Aging
  • Regeneration 5
    • Heal 1 Toughness Wound per every other turn
  • Impervious Toughness 10
    • Immune to attacks that do less than 5 Toughness
  • Growth 10
    • Str +10, Sta +10, +10 mass, Intimidation +5, Speed +1, Stealth -102, Dodge/Parry -5, Size 1/Huge, Dynamic, Linked Effects: Impervious Toughness 10
  • Giga Crusher: Ranged Damage Attack 10
    • Range 250/500/1000 ft, DC 25, Attack: Fortitude, Penetration 2, Activation 2 Standard Action, Tiring
  • Ground Pound: Affliction 10
    • Burst Area Affliction, Resisted by Fortitude, DC 20, 1st Vulnerable, 2nd Defenseless, 3rd Incapacitated, Limited to the same surface Elyssira is on


  • Tortuga
    • Port on the Southern Edge of the Retenu Archipelago
  • Marine forces
    • Violence 7
  • Major Trade Port
    • System Resources 8
  • Bridge between the Outer Step and Retenu
    • Communal Resources 5


  • Relationship: Father Ashigura
  • Motivation: Personal Glory
  • Reputation: Noble Warhawk
  • Fame: The Scarlet Titan, Hadalian Slayer
  • Responsibility: Archon of Tortuga
  • Rivalry: Sariloo Kalhisana, Skilled General
  • Rivalry: Cirnesei Kalhisana, Religious Diva


Elyssira stands head and shoulders above the tallest Many she has met, with only her father or some of the other Judges she has come in contact with. She has been groomed to be a proper island goddess, with a face that might as well be carved out of marble with a pert nose, strong face, and haunting green eyes that some would say look like a snake's burning with balefire. The hair is a fiery red that flows down her shoulder to mid back with a golden broach doing it's best to keep the untamed mass under control. Her skin is a bit darker than the norm with a body full of muscle to benefit a bear handed fighter that tosses giant monsters about for a living. Her clothing is a little minimalistic, featuring a purple brazier with some golden stripes holding in her bosom, a black and purple short wrap around her midsection with a golden sash, a pair of sandals which lace up to her calves, and a necklace made out of pearls gathered by the haladians she managed to kill which is only three along the string. Elyssira often holds herself up as a proud and wise leader of men, the very archetype of an Archon that has the entire world wants to see: gallant, confident, and steadfast in her duty to tame this planet. While she is rather brave, she does have some self consciousness issues in being able to live up to those, and more importantly her father's' ideals, she does believe in her own powers though is uncertain if they will be enough to solve everything by stomping it into the ground. In private she wants to learn far more about the world, actually a little over eager to get a little culture, or cuddle something cute. She tries to shake some of her half-siblings accusations about being a spoiled princess, despite the fact that she will not hesitate to accept any luxuries that come her way.

Reference Pictures: [1] and [2]


One of the latest children of Ashigura the Perpetual, and so far the only one that has proven to have thoroughly unnatural innate abilities marking herself as one of the Few from an early age. Unlike her older half-brothers and sisters who only got a token bit of support from their illustrious father, was personally raised by him to become a proper Judge that will lead the masses to glory with her unique abilities. Part of that is his own views on himself, the Few like themselves who have undeniably divine gifts are far above the Many, being personally blessed by Naaman being her minor gods compared to her Goddess nature. She has no real disdain for the Many, though she does view them as very little brothers and sisters that need protection from the horrors that the planet might throw at them.

For years she has been training to become a warrior from the best martial artists that Ashigura could find, often from the ranks of Elyssira's older brother Sariloo who pulled himself up as an accomplished military leader against pirates much to his disdain. She also learned the finer points of religion, celebrity, and song from a sect of priestesses with close ties to Cirnesei, another older sibling that rose to fame as an idol star of a sect of Naaman worship that produces phenomenal songs to please her. Despite this animosity from her more normal siblings for being spoiled brat that practically had the world at her beck and call, Elyssira has an overwhelming drive to prove herself worthy to be among the Few on this world.

That chance when she turned 16 where Ashigura deemed her worthy of taking control of one of the various cities that were lacking a proper Judge to rule over, and unlike most who expected her to preside over some little village where she could set up her own little pleasure palace, Elyssira chose Tortuga. An islan on the south-western end of the Archipelago right across from the Upper Step that was a major trade hub which was the target of pirates and the occasional Hadalian. For the next few years she set up shop doing her best to make the island as safe as possible with her own hands, becoming a celebrity in racking up three giant monster kills. Despite being skilled in fighting and playing the celebrity game, there was still a lot she needed to learn, especially in how the more civilized Few manage to operate their cities. After some contact with the wider world due to her position as a gateway to the rest of the world had her realize how little she still need to know and joined this multistate task force eagerly to broaden her horizons.


Elyssira's powers are a little bit of the resistance she gained from her father by flagrantly breaking the limits of human endurance. Her unique powers have to deal with altering her own mass to increase her own size, hit harder, or change it to the extend to alter the gravitiational field about her. She does have managed to manipulate her powers into two unique attacks, The Ground Pound that puts a lot of mass into her feet to create an unstable field that when comes in contact with the ground could knock an unwary opponent to the ground and open to a finishing blow. The Giga Smasher is a far more dangerous technique that allows her to project her own gravity well out in a beam to implode the target, though once it goes off the crumpled matter has a tendency to spring back with explosive results.

Venture & Headquarters[edit]