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Emelía de Bruijn has served, in some capacity, the Wulfebach dynasty her entire life. The child of a pair of nobles from families long bonded to the dynasty, the luxury and opportunity that station has afforded her provides much of what she knows. Thus for the thirty five years of her life, she has served.

As is often the way with nobility, however, the intrigue of her young life overshadowed any achievements of her own. Throughout her mother’s pregnancy, rumors consistently circled of an illicit tryst with the Lord of the Dynasty himself, and of the child’s illegitimacy.

With her mother’s tragic death in childbirth, these rumors have as of yet found no answer. It is clear that they have worn on her father, however. They, combined with his century of service auditing the dynasty’s accounts have left him a shuffling shell of a man. His keen mind has withdrawn almost entirely within himself, and he bears more resemblance to the endless shuffling adepts who serve him rather than the dynamic noble of his youth.

Emelía, on the other hand, is quite the dynamic figure. Always attracted to adventure, and blessed with good sight and nimble reflexes, she was immediately drawn to service aboard the dynasty’s attack craft. For her first few years, however, she was most noted as a skilled but unreliable young officer, prone to excessive adventures during shore leave and vacations bought with her family’s purse.

This all changed after one of these adventures deep within the hive spires of Malfi resulted in her discovery of an ancient tank repair bay, dating long before the Imperial reconquest of the Calixis sector. Entombed within was not only a Baneblade of ancient manufacture and pattern, but original STC printouts not only of that hallowed vehicle, but also a hitherto undiscovered variant of the Predator.

The return of these documents to the Mechanicus in accordance with the Treaty of Mars and the terms of the Wulfenbach warrant brought a High Lord’s bounty to the dynasty, and to Emilia not only the favor of that same Mechanicus and the Lords of the dynasty itself, but the connections needed to jumpstart her advancement.

Yet she was also rewarded directly by the approving Magi- both of the Lathes, and of the dynasty itself. She now boasts a number of subtle, ancient bionic augmentations, as well as one of the few examples of a Stormraven not held in Astartes hands. This beloved craft, painted a solid black, now serves as both a shuttle and vital fire support for the dynasty when its mistress is in orbit.

In the years since that great adventure, Emelía has risen further through the ranks of the dynasty, and finds herself Knight Commander of its flagship’s Air Wing. In this role, she proves herself a more diligent commander than any would have expected from her unreliable youth, a woman with a taste both for the minutiae of management as well as the excitement of leading her pilots into combat.


Character Name Player Name Career Path Ship's Role Rank Experience
Emilia de Drujin Ardent Dawn Voidmaster Master of Ordinance 7 25000/25000
Home World Birthright Lure of the Void Trials and Travails Motivation Lineage
Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Wounds Fate Insanity Corruption
35 60 35 52 68 52 63 52 55


  • Athletics
  • Awareness +20
  • Charm +10
  • Command +20
  • Commerce
  • Common Lore (Koronus Expanse, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy +10, Tech, +10 War +10)
  • Deceive +10
  • Dodge +20
  • Forbidden Lore (Pirates, Xenos)
  • Inquiry
  • Linguistics (High Gothic, Low Gothic)
  • Logic +20
  • Navigation (Stellar +10, Surface)
  • Operate (Aeronautica +20, Surface, Voidship +20)
  • Scholastic Lore (Astromancy +10, Bureaucracy, Tactica Imperialis +10)
  • Scrutiny +20
  • Survival +10
  • Tech Use +20
  • Trade (Shipwright, Voidfarer +20)


  • Universal Weapon Training (Melee, Pistol), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
  • Air of Authority
    • Iron Discipline
  • Best of the Best
    • Hotshot Pilot
    • Void Tactician
  • Decadence
  • Fearless
  • Good Reputation (Adeptus Mechanicus)
  • Hardy
    • True Grit
  • Jaded
  • Light Sleeper
    • Lightning Reflexes
    • Paranoia
    • Watchful for Betrayal
  • Marksman
    • Mighty Shot
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Navy, Nobility)
  • Resistance (Fear)
  • Step Aside
  • Talented (Awareness, Dodge, Logic, Operate (Aeronautica), Scrutiny)


  • Mastery of Small Craft
  • Noble Born: Etiquette
  • Weapon Master (Heavy)


Void Sealed Ceramite Light Carapace (Good-Craftsmanship) (Armored Flight Suit)

Plasma Pistol (Good-Craftsmanship), w/ Purified Plasma

MIU (Best-Craftsmanship) Vehicle Interface Circuitry (Best-Craftsmanship) Skinplant (Good-Craftsmanship) (Dataslate) Combi Tool (+10% Tech-Use)

Stormraven Ryza Pattern Power Field (Good-Craftsmanship) (Interfaced with Stormraven)


Characteristics (7800)

BS +15, Ag +20, Per +20 (4,050) Fel +10. (750) WP +10 (750) Int +15 (1500) T +10 (750)

Rank 1 Voidmaster (800):

Awareness (100) Dodge (100) Logic (100)
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) (100) Operate (Surface) (100) Scrutiny (100) Trade (Voidfarer) (100)

Rank 2 Voidmaster (2000):

Command (200) Common Lore (Koronus Expanse, Tech) (400) Dodge +10 (200) Forbidden Lore (Pirates) (200) Operate (Aeronautica, Spacecraft +10) (400) Scrutiny +10 (200) Tech-Use (200) Quick Draw (200)

Rank 3 Voidmaster (2200):

Awareness +10 (200) Charm (200) Command +10 (200) Common Lore (Imperial Guard) (200) Navigation (Stellar +10) (200) Operate (Aeronautica, Voidship +20) (400) Survival (200) Air of Authority (200) Hardy (200)

Rank 4 Voidmaster (1200):

Athletics (200) Dodge +20 (200) Iron Discipline (200) Jaded (200) Talented (Dodge) (200) True Grit

Rank 5 Voidmaster (1200):

Awareness +20 (200) Common Lore (War) +10 (200) Logic +10 (200) Scholastic Lore (Astromancy +10, Tactica Imperialis) (400) Marksman (200)

Rank 6 Voidmaster (600):

Logic +20 (200) Scrutiny +20 (200) Trade (Voidfarer +10) (200)

Rank 7 Voidmaster (1700):

Charm +10 (200) Deceive +10 (200) Navigation (Surface) (200) Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis +10) (200) Trade (Shipwright) (200) Trade (Voidfarer +20) (200) Fearless (500)

Rank 8 Voidmaster (1300):

Common Lore (Imperial Navy +10, Tech +10) (400) Survival +10 (200) Tech-Use +10 (200) Mighty Shot (500)

Flight Marshal (1500):

Best of the Best (400) Talented (Logic) (200) Hotshot Pilot (200) Void Tactician (500) Peer (Imperial Navy) (200)

Legend of the Expanse (2100):

Good Reputation (Adeptus Mechanicus) (500) Light Sleeper (200) Watchful for Betrayal (400) Lightning Reflexes (200) Talented (Awareness, Operate (Aeronautica), Scrutiny) (800) Tech-Use +20 (200)

Other (2500):

Mastery of Small Craft (1000) Step Aside (750) Scholastic Lore (Bureaucracy) (200) Commerce (300) Inquiry (300) Sound Constitution VI (1200)