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Exalted 2e: Empire of the Dead[edit]

A second edition Solars game set in thorns. Not much else to say, since we haven't really started, so this page shall serve as links and an infodump.

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Character Sheets[edit]

Journey to the End of Night (goinginside) - Eclipse Caste freedom fighter, formerly one of the privileged of Thorns society.

If you have any last-minute changes to make to your sheets, create new pages and post them here. Otherwise, I'll just copy-paste what you have and do it myself tonight. -- 13:42, 10 September 2008 (PDT)

Name: Whispering Breeze
Player: Bira
Caste: Twilight
Concept: Ghost Hunter

Motivation: To free her brother from the chains of Oblivion*
* Breeze likes her brother, but at this point has no illusions about his nature. 
She knows he was always obsessed with power, and that it's all but impossible he 
will give up his Abyssal Exaltation. A small part of her still wishes there was a 
way to make him come out of this alive, but she realizes her best shot is finding
a way for him to fall into Lethe rather than Oblivion, and then killing him.


Devotion to the Order's Mission
Brotherly love for Roaring Gale
A Drive to Release Thorns from the Mask's Grasp


Strength      3
Dexterity     5
Stamina       3

Intelligence  3
Wits          3
Perception    3

Charisma      2
Manipulation  2
Appearance    3


*Martial Arts  5
  Unarmed     +2
Thrown         2

Integrity      3
Presence       1
Resistance     1

*Investigation 1
*Lore          3
*Medicine      1
*Occult        4

*Athletics    3
*Awareness     3
*Dodge         5
  Unarmed     +1
*Stealth       3



Compassion 3
Conviction 3
Temperance 2
Valor      2

Limit Break: Heart of Tears (Compassion)

Willpower: 6

Essence    3
Personal   15
Peripheric 37/33


  Martial Arts
    First MA Excellency
      1m/die, Supplemental
      Adds up to 10 die to a MA test.
    Striking Cobra Technique
      3m, Reflexive
      +5 successes to Join Battle
    Serpentine Evasion
      3m, Reflexive
      +2 DV against a single attack
    Snake Form
      5m, Simple (Speed 3, -1 DV), Scene
      +5 Bashing Soak
      -3 to enemies' attacks
    Essence Fangs and Scales Technique
      6m, Simple (Speed 5), Scene
      Unarmed attacks become Lethal and Piercing
      Soaks lethal damage with bashing soak
    Shadow Over Water
      1m, Reflexive
      Use Full DV against an attack
    Seven Shadow Evasion
      6m, Reflexive
      Perfect Dodge
    Reflex-Sidestep Technique
      1m, Reflexive
      Can use Dodge DV against a unexpected attack
    Graceful Crane Stance
      3m, Reflexive, Scene
      Treat anything at least as wide and strong
      as a human hair as a wide stone ledge
    Monkey Leap Technique
      3m, Reflexive, Scene
      Triple jump distance, jump as a move action
    Easily-Overlooked Presence Technique
      3m, Simple, Scene
      Become difficult to notice.
    Spirit-Detecting Glance
      3m, Reflexive, Scene
      Detect Immaterial Spirits
    Spirit-Cutting Attack
      1m, Supplemental
      May attack immaterial spirits.
      Causes agg damage to spirits.
    Ghost-Eating Technique
      2m, Supplemental
      Drains 6m from a just-damaged spirit
      Destroys it utterly if damage is enough to dissipate it.


Artifact 2
  Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers
Manse 3
  The Freedom Stone
Contacts 1
  Other Wandering Exorcists
Resources 1
  Life Savings

Dodge DV: 8 (9 when unarmed)
Mental Dodge DV: 6
Mental Parry DV: 2

Attack    Speed  Acc    Dam    Rate   PDV
Strike        5   13     5B       5     7
Kick          5   12     8B       2     5
Clinch        6   10     5B       1     -

Unspent XP: 1
Total XP: 50