Episode 602: Quarry Special Features

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  1. What is the nature of the cargo that we’re taking Sims to recover?
  2. Why did Sims push to sell the cargo we had agreed to deliver for James Brion? Was it just a man down on his luck looking to score some credits or was there something more sinister behind his actions?
  3. What is the Flood and why is it coming?
  4. Who or what is this community jumping on the Ark? What is the Ark?


tā mā de hǎo you = 他媽的好友 = tah mah deh how yoh = fuck buddy Sound clip


Part 1:

Man: You. What are you doing here?
Joshua: (coldly) You know why I’m here.

Rina: (quietly) Do you want to share? You okay?
Joshua: Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll be fine.
Rina: Why is it I keep asking idiotic questions? When you wake up and you are obviously not okay and I ask you if you are. (sighs)

Rina: (taking his hand) Stop. Tell me. Spit it out.
Joshua: So our passenger has something of a past to him. As all passengers do. And, um, … So I don’t know how to tell you this so you don’t rush out and kill him in his sleep. Promise me you won’t kill him in his sleep.

Rina: (softly) You say he killed someone?
Joshua: More along the lines of … assassinating him.
Rina: (resigned) Well, if you’re going to kill anyone, that’s the way to do it.

Joshua: Should I wake the Captain up over something like this?
Rina: With your record? I think we should.

Joshua: Coffee? (offers the cup) I had a bad dream.
Nika: (sourly) Don’t you have a tā mā de hǎo you for that?

Joshua: Our passenger.
Nika: Mm-hm.
Joshua: I was our passenger.
Nika: (oh no … ) That never bodes well.
Rina: Wait for it.

Joshua: I’m saying if he’s pretending to be out of work and out of ship and broken by the thing, he’s doing a very good job, is what I’m saying. I’m saying as a Borrower, I give him credit for doing really good work.
Nika: You think he’s a Borrower?
Joshua: No, I don’t think he’s a Borrower. But as a Borrower, I can appreciate the work he—
Nika: Uhnnnn! It’s four in the morning! And you’re going around in circles on me! Uhhnnn!

Joshua: So you can see my dilemma. If I let you sleep, and then he murders us all in our sleep, then someone is going to be very angry. If I wake you up, then you’re very angry. So pretty much, when I had that dream, it was very much you were going to be very angry.
Nika: I’m not angry yet.
Joshua: But I brought you coffee.
Nika: You did bring coffee and it’s saving your life at the moment.

Joshua: Would I not have been delinquent in my job had I not told you, Captain?
Nika: I’m going to gouge out my eyes.
Rina: Don’t. They cost too much.
Joshua: Would I have been delinquent in my job, Captain?
Nika: I don’t think—(to Rina)—That’s not funny.

Nika: Get out. Get out now. I need a shower. Go.
Joshua: Yes, Captain.
Rina: I told ya we should’ve told Kiera first.

Kiera: (into the comm) Why is the Captain semi-incoherent, babbling about bad dreams you woke her up to … have … share? What are you doing?
Joshua: (from galley comm) Right now, I seem to be answering my buzz.
Kiera: Oh, ha ha ha. Get your ass up here and tell me what the hell’s going on.

Joshua: If you’re going to be an ass about it, I can turn around and go back to my room and the Captain can tell you.
Kiera: Joshua, just to clarify—it’s early in the morning and you know me. When have I not acted like this?
Joshua: Fair enough.

Joshua: I’m sorry about waking you up.
Nika: (sighs) I’ll get over it. I’m mostly over it now. Hot shower does wonders.

Kiera: I don’t know why you gave him a pistol in the first place. You could have just given him a kitchen knife.
Joshua: I could have. But those are really good kitchen knives. They’re my favorites. They’re what I cook with.

Nika: You know I would be more concerned if he had a kitchen knife in his possession than if he had a gun in his possession.
Kiera: Really?
Nika: Yeah, because you know, you could walk onto the bridge and slit the throat of anybody who’s on watch and just keep on going and nobody would know what happened cuz it’s real quiet. But here’s the thing. We were, at the time Joshua gave him the weapon, potentially arming ourselves for a possible incursion and I have no issue with the fact that Joshua armed him at the same time. The fact that he is in a position to be nervous, if it makes him feel better and we just have to watch him more closely—you know what? Every single passenger on board might be carrying. Probably is carrying, cuz the Verse is not a pretty place these days.
Joshua: And we do have some back history with ships being taken over by people.
Nika: (sighing) Joshua, must you?
Joshua: I … (off her look) …. Never mind. I’m gonna shut up.
Nika: I totally backed you, here.

Nika: I’m going to react like this is perfectly normal thing and not with Rina’s paranoia. You know what, maybe he’s ignoring like Arden did cuz he doesn’t want breakfast this early.
Joshua: (intoning) Or he could have had a heart attack.
Kiera: Well then he’s still going to be dead down there and I can’t do anything.
Joshua: No, he could be having a heart attack right now.
Nika: Oh for Heaven’s sake, go down there right now and find out.

Part 2:
Joshua: So … he’s gone. He left the gun behind, though. Including the bullets.
Rina: (putting fork down) Did you count them?

Joshua: Why would I count the bullets? The gun is left behind. Unless he’s going to kill someone with an individual bullet—
Nika: From his teeth.
Joshua: And if he can do that, we don’t want to follow him or know where he is going, because he is much more bad-assed than we are.

Sims: I’d like them sunny side up, please. Can you do that?
Joshua: Sure.
Sims: You can do that?
Joshua: Yeah I can do that.
Sims: I don’t like them runny.
Joshua: Yeah, I can do that.
Sims: Actually the eggs you’ve got are reconstituted.
Joshua: Oh, yeah, I can. Just you wait.

Sims: The Law of Space says that they’re yours.
Kiera: (riiiight) Really?
Joshua: There’s a Law of Space?
Sims: It’s the unspoken law of space.

Sims: We still have to repair the ship for all that we did for this guy. How many thousands, how many credits is that going to cost you?
Kiera: What’s this we, white man?

Sims: Beggar and I have been going over the damage report. It’s pretty extensive.
Joshua: Yeah?
Sims: Rina. Don’t you agree? You’re Chief Engineer. How much do you think it’s going to cost to pay for this amount of work?
Rina: (glowering) Don’t start me.

Nika: (continuing) Unlike yourself, who traveled across the Verse doing what you’re doing, the only thing we have is our reputation. If we’re going to get hired on to take cargo, we have to either have a reputation of doing what we said we’re going to do or we’re going to have a reputation for … stealing cargo or dumping cargo at the first possible opportunity. And we have to choose which of those reputations we’d like to have.
Sims: I think that’s a great idea. I just hope that the reputation you get isn’t willing to do anything, take any kind of damage, and getting nothing in return for it. Cuz I don’t think that’s a very good reputation either.

Kiera: I think I’m going to water the plants in Botany Bay. I’ll be back. Gotta water them plants.
Joshua: Hey, hey, hey. Those are my plants. My Botany Bay.

Nika: Then maybe I’m reacting with paranoia because you—
Joshua: Woke you up at 4 in the morning. Sorry.
Nika: And it had you wound tight.
Joshua: Sorry.
Nika: I don’t like reacting like Rina, okay? I really don’t.

Nika: So we’re going to Paquin, which is dicey at best.
Beglan: Well, it’s not like we didn’t have trouble getting here.
Joshua: Can you handle it, Nika?
Nika: (easily) Oh, I can handle it. I’m not sure if the ship can.

Joshua: So technically, depending who we get, we might be able to bribe them. But that is really dependent on whether we get Joe Shmoe who hasn’t been paid in three weeks because the Alliance is slow running checks and are too busy beating down on the Rim worlds. Or we could just abseil our way in with our ship into Paquin. (gestures) Shhhhhooooomph! I like it. It’s got adventure. It’s got daring. It’s got adventure plus daring. It’s got risk.
Kiera: You have got to stay away from the coffee pot, Joshua.

Joshua: To be honest, if I had to make the choice—
Nika: You’d always risk yourself before you’d risk anything else, so that’s not really saying much.

Nika: Let’s have some fun. I’m feeling a little reckless. You know, cutting loose a little bit.
Joshua: That’s one of the reasons I like you. I like the bulleting plan. You know why I like the pulsing one? Over the other one? The bullet option will utilize the best pilot in the Verse and the best mechanic in the Verse.
Nika: You’re a little biased. I hope they don’t see us.
Joshua: Space is big. Really really big.
Nika: Oh screw it, we’ll bullet in.

Joshua: There’s no way you’re putting me in a life pod.
Kiera: (wails) I love you, Nikaaaaa …. ! (mimes closing a hatch)
Joshua: There was no way I was using a lifepod the last time. There’s no way I’m using a life pod this time, either.
Kiera: (continuing) I’ll write a song about you …. Fwooosh!

Part 3:
Joshua: We gonna lose them?
Nika: Yeah. I don’t have a choice.
Joshua: Well, you could turn yourself in and get arrested.
Nika: Ppfffhhhthhthhh!

Joshua: Here’s the thing I wanna say, real quick. If he misses—
Nika: And we scrape along his hull.
Joshua: No I was thinking something more painful. Like total destruction.

Kiera: What did I miss? What did I miss? WhaddidImiss?!
Nika: (smugly) Chicken. With an ASREV.
Kiera: Seriously?
Joshua: I heard a brawwwwwk-bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk when we passed by.
Kiera: Holy Crap, woman!

Rina: She did not do what I think she just did.
Beglan: I’m kind of glad we don’t have a window in this engine room.

Joshua: (tongue-in-cheek) We’re going to do this quietly with no shots fired.
Kiera: That’s what I’m hopin’. (to self) Not really.
Joshua: That’s what’s going to happen. Let’s go.

Rina: I’ve been cooped up in the ship all day. Take me somewhere fun.

Joshua: Have you—have you seen my stash, man? Is it out here somewhere?
Fed: (turning around) What?
Joshua: My stash. (looks startled) Whoa! Oh, man. You’re the cops. (grimaces) Dammit!

Fed: (steps forward, suspicious) How did you get here?
Joshua: I walked, man. I don’t gotta car. This is … this is where, this is where we, like, hang. Cuz it’s quiet. And we don’t have to worry about the cops botherin—But look, man. You’re here and you’re botherin’ us. Like, but that must have been where everybody went. Man, I was wonderin’ like, I thought like all my guys were gonna show up and nobody showed up. Like, I was here and was like, man, all the weed for me. But then, but then it was like, man, they took it with them.

Part 4:
Joshua: Man, my girlfriend’s gonna kill me. Just … let me go. Like, she’s … she’s just, she’s, like, nice and all—and she puts out—but she’s a real bitch when I do something stupid. And you may have gathered, I do stupid crap all the time.

Hogan: Okay. (a beat) We’re going to have to take them out because they might have taken photos or something. Have IDs on us.
Nika: Did you or did you not say to me you did not want this to be about dead cops?
Hogan: (terse) I don’t want them dead. I want them taken out of commission.

Kiera: Aw, hell. I may hav’ta shoot ’em, Captain.
Nika: (grim) You know the drill.
Kiera: Yes, ma’am.

Joshua: I think we should walk a little bit faster. And by a little bit faster, I mean a lot faster. They’re after us, yes.

Joshua: Why do you have to always make this violent, man?

Rina: Yes, ma’am. Joshua, take care of this one. I’ll go back to the one I clocked.
Joshua: Right. (searching the Fed) … Cell phone … camera … get his wallet …

Nika: Oh, Christ. He’ll recover?
Rina: A broken jaw won’t swell up and block his airway, will it? (off Nika’s look) What?
Nika: You could have used his friggin’ nightstick—(points at it)—as opposed to a friggin’ heavy metal wrench.

Rina: I could wave Omar. He knows everyone on Persephone.
Nika: You could wave Omar, yeah. It would be nice if we could. Once we get close enough to check the local Cortex feed for cargo, that would be nice, too.
Joshua: Cargo? That’s crazy talk.

Nika: We need a job, man.
Rina: Something that pays.
Joshua: Yes, there was some sarcasm involved. Yes, we need a job. Unless you want to sell the rifles. All the rifles …
Kiera: Bite your tongue.

Rina: How about a friendly game of cards? (nods at Joshua) You, me, Kiera, him?
Joshua: Hnnnn… Ignoring the fact that Kiera might shark him of whatever money he has—
Kiera: Hey!
Joshua: (to Kiera) Is that not a true statement?
Kiera: You told me not to shark the passengers. I’ve been very honorable.
Joshua: You have been. You just haven’t had a lot of opportunities.
Kiera: No, hell, I’ve had a lot of opportunities.
Rina: Strip poker?

Nika: That’s the thing that disturbs me. Thing was, if that was something that happened during the war, you know what? that you can easily justify it to yourself. If it was something more recent … (sighs)
Joshua: Did the war ever end, Captain?
Rina: Not for me, it didn’t.


(when Kiera is stowing Joshua’s chef’s knives)
Kiera: I hate you.
Joshua: Also, I left out my sex toys. Could you put them away?
Kiera: I don’t care if you’ve misplaced Rina. That’s your problem.
Joshua: Put Rina away. But don’t put her up wet. Let her dry.
Kiera: Do you want me to clean her? (to Rina) I’m sorry. He wants me to gel you and put you away.
Rina: Not without dinner and flowers first.

(landing in the quarry after a squeaker of an escape)
Kiera: Well, that was anti-climatic: Here we are.
Nika: Was not.
Kiera: (was too!) The landing is.
Nika: Was not. I creamed my jeans.
Joshua: What, on the landing?
Nika: (chuckling) No.
Joshua: Oookay.
Kiera: TMI, dear.
Joshua: I have to agree with the steward there. I rolled with it cuz it’s the first option, but I have to agree.

(On leaving Paquin after the cargo delivery)
Traffic Control: Stop. Report.
Joshua: We’ll report twice when we come back. (keys off comm) No, actually we won’t. We’ll wait until the third time and then report three times.
Kiera: Did you get hit in the head?

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