Episode 618: Murder on the Equinox Express, Special Features

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Equinox's passengers are all scientists and business associates and have spent several months working together on the Rim. Called home to the Core due to increasing political unrest, they bring aboard some considerable unrest of their own.

Valerie Fleming

A employee of New Byzantine Chemical, Ms. Valerie Fleming was conducting research in plant-based biowarfare when she met with an untimely demise.

Emile Grand

Also employed by NBC, Mr. Emile Grand has some scientific background but is now primarily in marketing.

Kuo Sun-Li

Ms. Kuo Sun-Li is a neurochemist working for NBC. Unfortunately, she runs afoul of someone's plans and is poisoned en route to Persephone.

John Mercier

A bit of a braggart and a clothes horse, Mr. John Mercier works for NBC in the grains and alcohol department.

George Ashcroft

Unlike Mr. Mercier, Mr. George Ashcroft is self-contained and quiet. He works for Veridian Dynamics as an administrator. He used to work in the weapons division on Londinium.

Dan Holden

Mr. Dan Holden is the newest member of the group. He was transferred into his current department from the outside and worked for Veridian Dynamics alongside Valerie.


V'seriozni? = Вы серьезный? = Veh seh-ree-ohz-nee? = You serious? Sound clip


Jǐnggào! Jiǎn yā pòzàiméijié. Jǐnggào! Jiǎn yā pòzàiméijié. = 警告!减压迫在眉睫。警告!减压迫在眉睫。 = Jing-gow! Jyen yah poh-zai-may-jee-yeh. Jing-gow! Jyen yah poh-zai-may-jee-yeh = Warning! Decompression imminent. Warning! Decompression imminent. Sound clip


  1. What was the nature of the dirt that Valerie had on everyone?
  2. Was she killed to keep that dirt from being delivered?
    1. Or was she killed to keep her research out of Independent hands?
    2. Or to stop her research from achieving success?
    3. Or because she was compromised by sleeping with the wrong guy?
  3. Was Kuo Sun-Li killed because she'd discovered something as to Valerie
  4. Was Grand really a businessman? Or was he an agent all along?
    1. Was Grant a sleeper agent?
    2. Which side did he work for?
  5. When Grand opened the airlock, where was he planning to go?
    1. Was he planning to go over the hull to the flight deck and steal our shuttle?
    2. If he stole our shuttle, where could he go? We were midway between systems and the shuttle is only a short range vessel.
      1. The route we were flying, however, is heavily trafficked. Did he plan to evac in the shuttle and then perhaps wait for a passing ship to rescue him? He could make up any story he liked to explain why he was stranded in space.
    3. Was he planning on bleeding out the atmo on all our decks, killing everyone, and then closing everything up and flying Equinox to his intended destination?

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