Erich Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

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A character in the Fear No More the Heat of the Sun PBP WHFRP game.


The Mendelssohn family has provided the butlers to the Barons von Braunstein for eight generations. The Bartholdy family have provided services to the Ladies von Braunstein for a similar period.

Erich's father was the first to make a union between the two families. He is the baron's man upstairs. Erich's elder brother serves the baron-in-waiting and his elder sister is likewise maid to the future baron's wife. The youngest two Mendelssohn-Bartholdy children have plum positions in notable families within the Empire, their family reputation going before them.

Erich was likewise set to leave some years ago, ready to serve an Altdorf based minister. However, the baron asked a favour of the family and so Erich has followed the wayward son through his adventures; he ensures that the young sir's cloths are clean, that the his bed is warmed and that he is generally presentable.

The Baron may allow his son to travel the Empire making a disgrace of himself, but there is no need for him to look bad while doing so.

When needed Erich is always at his lord's left hand. The adventure of all this he has grown to enjoy even though his dour face may say otherwise. Either the valet's fast tongue or his free purse are usually enough to get the young man out of most trouble; although the later is becoming empty - a letter home may be required soon.

Following Johann's freedom from the jail, Erich retrieved the young master's possessions, including his horse and pursued ready to serve his master.



Current Valet


WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel A W M FP
Starting 24 31 28 31 25 39 29 38 1 12 4 3
Talents 5
Advanced 5 10 10
Valet 10 10 5 10 2
Current 24 (nb) 31 28 31 30 49 29 53 1 12 4 3

WS +5 when fighting alongside Johann


Total 450
Current 50

Personal Details[edit]

Height 5'9"
Weight 150lb
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Green
Marks Broken nose
Siblings 5
Sign The Grease Goat
Age 34


Dealmaker, Etiquette, Excellent Vision, Mimic, Suave


Academic Knowledge (Genealogy/Heraldry), Blather, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Evaluate, Gossip x2, Haggle, Perception, Read/Write, Search, Speak Language (Reikspiel)


8 GC
Purse x2
Sling bag
Tattered cloak
Two sets of Best Craftmanship Clothing
Wooden cutlery set
Wooden tankard
Worn boots