Erlin the Harper.

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Erlin the Harper


Erlin was born of Donander, god of music and Illusion, and the Mistress of the Light of Knowledge when the world was young. During this time, Donander and Lankhor Mhy were friendly rivals for her affections, and Donander hid his son away before the Mistress knew she had given birth, to keep his friendship with the Sage God. Thus he became a hidden truth.

Before he was revealed to the world, the Lesser darkness came, and his mother was taken from the world. Then came the greater darkness and Chaos burst into the world. Erlin was born into the world at the moment of his mothers beheading by the son of the Devil, Tien.

Armed only with the harp of his father and the powers of his parents, he set out to find his mother's spirit. He was a young god and no warrior in the terror that walked the earth, but he brought harmony to those he could, moving ever from place to place in search of Tiens lair, finding in the secrets he uncovered tools for others to fight the dark, like the song he gave trees and wind to warn of enemies, or the peace he made between Storm-bull and Orlanth when Ragnaglar tricked them into fighting. When the Lightbringers left and chaos reigned, he finally found his mothers spirit. He used his powers of illusion to replace her skull and hide her light while he fled, and left those powers there forever. This is why Thanatari skulls eventually rot, unlike the originals.

During the final wars with Chaos, Erlin took on some of his mothers powers of truth to aid others - High King Elf (who taught him to use his harp for war, as a bow), Yelmalio (to whom he gave his light), Arroin (to whom he brought comfort) and Herald Goodword (with whom he traveled).

Erlin released the spiritual remnants of his mother when the sun returned, and she was reborn in light. He sang at her marriage to Lankhor Mhy.

The Cult in the world

Since the dawn of time, the Harper Cult has been widespread but never powerful, often existing only as shrines in Players temples and halls. Many civilizations have, however, boasted great Harper Halls. Currently, the nearest Great Harper Hall is in the Holy Country, though there are minor temples elsewhere, including Elf Lands. Pavis has a very small temple with one priest.

Place in the World.

Erlin is the hidden truth behind the Donander Cult, and a seeker of hidden truths himself. His followers are seekers of hidden meanings, and bringers of truth through song and music. In their attempts to bring truth and harmony, they seek out hidden injustices or chaos and act against them. They will do this more often by alerting others to truths than direct action, but will fight when need be.

Erlin is also a peacebringer and truthsayer, and it is well known that his followers do not lie. However, they may sometimes use hidden truths to steer people toward harmony, and the wisdom of who to talk to about what is a necessity amongst harpers.

His runes are truth, harmony and movement. He gave up the illusion rune.